so fresh & so clean clean

Hey there loveys! Don't you just love it? The new blog design yo! 
 It's so fresh and so clean (yes, that song is now stuck in my head). 

Kaylee from bright and beautiful designs did it for me.  If you're looking for a new blog design - she is a must!  
She's very detail-oriented - which I loved because I'm pretty OCD myself:)
Thanks Kaylee!

So on to out regular scheduled programming....

 Let's have coffee!
Grab a cup and let's chitty-chat:)
How is your day going so far?  Mine has been awesome.  I even got the hubby to take some selfies with me - lol.  

 He's a cutie when he does his dorky faces.

 awww...aren't we just the cutest?!

Oh how he humors me!
 I told him to do nice faces 'cause it was going on the blog.  Ha!

This morning he treated me to my fave coffee, too! (what?!)
Coffee Bean Vanilla Latte plus a lemon currant scone

He must like me.

It's going to be a chillax weekend and I'm so looking forward to it.  We finally finished and are caught up on The Walking Dead.  Dude, I've been my own brand of zombie at work...going to sleep close to midnight because of that show has been killing the beauty sleep. (wink)

My Lovebug has her second basketball game on Saturday...and last Saturday, I overheard one of the other parents say that she's a mini-Kobe Bryant with the way she plays.  She scored 6 out of the 8 points for her team.  She was awesome!  Nothing like her mother, mind you.  I was a bench warmer, loveys.  Kept the bench from flying away.  Ha!  Must've gotten it from her, yeah.

Last night Little Love read to me.  Oh he was so adorable!  He was reading a Dr. Seuss book and was so animated when reading it to me.  He's so funny...after I told him what a good job he did - he said, "I tried to read it just like you Mommy...with my eyes really wide and a funny voice."  Thanks, son.  Thanks.

Goodness, I'm just babbling away, aren't I?
It must be the extra shot I asked for in my latte (!)

Well, you've been quiet while I just talk and talk and talk a little more.
What are you up to this weekend?
How was your week?
What can I do for you?

Talk to you on Monday, Loveys.
Have a blessed weekend and be as wonderful as you always are!
See you later:)

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