A Laid Back Kinda Friday

{exhale with me} 
It's finally Friday... woosa 
This week was a short work week, but man oh man, did it kick my buttocks.
So will you sit with me for a sec so I can just breathe a little and have a cup of coffee?
If we could actually sit and not do anything for a few minutes, I'd probably sit and babble for a bit.  Because you're such an awesome lovey, you wouldn't care.  You would probably try to get a word in and then give up and just listen.
So, thanks in advance:)

This week was jam-packed with activity.
Work was fine which made it nice and non-stressful.  On Monday, I had the day off for President's Day (did you?) and I can't even remember what we did.  I think we made a trip to our local Denny's with my mom (she's visiting from Lima) and then just vegetated on the couch and watched some rentals.  Oh!  We rented Lost Vegas...Dude!  We were cracking up!  If you haven't seen it, do!  A good laugh is always good.
On Tuesday was our nine-year wedding anniversary.  If you came by on Tuesday, you would read all the mushiness that came with that day.  Loving text messages back to back all day from the Hubbs - my kind of heaven.  Got out of work a little early and we got to cuddle a bit before picking up the kids.  Hubby made me a steak dinner and then we watched Little Love at his basketball practice.
Wednesday was pretty much a blur and ending it in Bio lecture.  Picture me hyperventilating just a little while sitting in class.  I have two other classes that start next week.  Fun! (Not.)
But I can do hard things, just need to get back into that college momma state of mind.

Thursday pretty much normalcy.  I had to cook last night and got into full mommy failure mode because I don't cook well.  I posted the pic of what I was going to make on Insta and oh loveys...you made me feel so much better.  Thanks.  (Needed those sweet words and nice swift kicks in the butt!)

Now we're on Friday.
Ah, Friday.  Thank you for getting here finally.  I've been waiting for you since Monday!  What took you so long?!

How was your week?
What are your plans for the weekend?
Let me know...I'll let you get a word in now:)

Thanks for joining for a minute and starting my Friday with me.
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Aren't those photos divine?
My sweet friend supplied them for me since I am definitely not a photography kinda girl.
So with that said:
All photos used in the post are by the fabulously talented Positively Messy.
All rights reserved.  Do not copy these photos unless with her explicit permission.
Please and Thank you.



  1. This was a short work week for me too, but feels like the longest. Atleast it's finally the weekend!

  2. It has been a really tiring week! I'm so glad it's Friday!


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