Celebrating Little Love

Today I celebrate you, my Little Love.

Today I celebrate the loving energy you give to our everyday.

Today I celebrate the laughter you give us.

Today I celebrate your fiesty attitude we have learned to love and hold so dear.

Today I celebrate the eight years of sweetness you have given our family.

Today I celebrate the wonderful relationship you have with your Daddy.  
No one is better than Daddy in your eyes.

Today I celebrate the quiet love you have for your sister.  The way you hug her and kiss her and defend her from all.

But most of all...
Today I celebrate the miracle that is you.
For when you tell me you love me - it is from deep down in your soul.
For when you tell Daddy that I'm prettier than all the girls in the world.

For when you came into our lives - it wasn't quiet for sure.  
A rush to the hospital because you were ready to come out three days before you were supposed to.  
For that emergency c-section because Mommy went into seizures trying to have you and both of our hearts stopped for that one minute.
For the miracle that is you.

For that flower you gave me this weekend, saying,
"Thanks for giving birth to me, Mommy."

For all those things and so very much more...
You are celebrated.
Today and Every Day.

My Little Love.
You're not so little anymore - and you give a bigger love than anyone I know.

I love you.
Happy 8th Birthday, Lucas.
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