Coffee + "40 is the new 20" {what?!}

It's a beautiful, rainy day in Southern California.  I have a cozy blanket around me as I type this post out.  It's absolutely marvelous, lovey.  Add my steaming cup of coffee (pretty similar looking to the one up there) and a huge slice of chocolate-layered birthday cake - and, girl, life couldn't be better.

I am pretty thankful today.

I woke up an hour later than I usually do (6:15am), got the kids ready for school, gave them breakfast, and dropped them off in record time.
And I'm just exhaling and letting my fingers glide over the keys on this keyboard without a worry in the world.

Thankfulness has come to my mind a lot lately.  A lot.  When the hubby was in the hospital, I was so very thankful for all of your support and prayer. I am thankful to have this long four-day weekend even though I thought being alone for two of those four would be terrifying.  But I'm good right now.
You know what else I'm thankful for?
Shout-outs on other bloggys! Loveys, I was given some love from other bloggers this month and I loved it!  Felt so redeeming for some reason.  Look!

This one was from Ashley at Happily Ever Ashley for a feature she did on Valentine's Day - you can see it here.  So, I'm reading through my blogging reading list on my phone the day or so after Valentine's Day and was like, "Oh My Gee!"

"Nay is amazing.  She has so much soul to share.  She is unapologetically herself and that is why I love her so much! You will be captivated by her kind heart too!"

Ashley wrote something so sweet about me!  I met Ashley at Elevate last year and we definitely hit it off!  She is "more beautiful than Cinderella!" inside and out!  You must read her blog...for realz tho!

Sometime at the end of January, I saw a blogger that was asking other bloggers to fill out a little questionnaire about themselves and then she'd put our answers on her blog.  So I filled it out and then went about my business.

Around the middle of February, I go back to Katrina's blog, Kakers in Wonderland, and not only did she mention me, she dedicated a whole post to me!  What?! 
Look here for the post, but I loved this part the most:

40 is the new 20?! Holla!!  That made this pretend-Oprah (apparently lol) happier than when I eat chocolate!  Woot Woot!

I'm telling you!  Getting props from your peers, fellow bloggers, friends is just FABULOUS!  It can make a girl's whole month a major smiley one.

I'm done with my chocolate cake and getting my last sips of the coffee in, so I definitely need a refill.  Oh, or maybe even a bubble bath with a book!  Oh yes, that is definitely the plan!

Have a wonderful Friday, my loveys!
Make it as marvelous as you are!
See you Monday!
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Linking it up with Alissa for Coffee Date Friday.  Will I see you there?  Maybe I'll see you there (and your blog post?) after my bath (smile).

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  1. found you via coffee date! loved having "coffee" with you today!

  2. So awesome to feel the love and respect from fellow peers. You totally deserve it! Plus I am sooooo glad "40 is the new 20"!!

  3. That's awesome that I made you happier than chocolate cake, because we all know chocolate cake is the definition of happiness.

  4. How did I miss this post? You are freaking adorable! Lots and lots of love!


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