Find Your Brand of Joy

Did you know that every single day you have a choice?
Be grumpy or be happy.
Sometimes it's so much easier to take the grumpier route, I know.
But the happier side of things...well, makes you happy.
Happy by Pharrell Williams on Grooveshark

That song...
Totally makes me happy!
It's the little things, lovey.
You have to find the joy in the little things.
The ordinary forms of happiness can give you the simplest of joys.
What's stopping you?
Be happy.
(Unless it's that time of the month...then I totally understand - wink)

When you figure what that brand of joy is for you.
Take it in your hands.
Give it a hug.
Love it.
It will love you back.


Just go for it!
It's that simple.
I promise.
My days aren't always rosey...
Things definitely do not always go my way...
But dang it!
I don't have time to be unhappy.
Grumpy about it.  Sure.
But not forever.
Not forever, lovey.

Why waste time frowning when you can be smiling?
But that makes it even better.

What's your brand of joy?
What makes you happy?
What simple little thing does it for you?

Well, what are you waiting for?
Do it!
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  1. "Find joy in the ordinary!" Yup. Joy is in the little details of our daily lives.

  2. Absolutely true! I love finding joy in the ordinary. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. So glad to have coffee with you here and find joys in the ordinary. Wonderful.


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