Hey Monday - Show Me Whatcha Got!

Dear Monday,
I had a great weekend and now you are here to start my week.  Weirdly, I'm okay with it.  
I've decided not to be mad at you this morning because I decided I'm starting my week off on the right foot.
So, bring it on Monday.
Your friends, Saturday and Sunday, were so awesome that I'm betting on them rubbing off on you a little.

So, Monday, did Saturday tell you what it did for me?


Saturday was so sweet! She gave me a coffee date with a dear high school friend.  We spent the morning at a little coffee shop and just chatted away.  She'd talk, I'd listen and vice versa.  It was nice to sit on the sofas at the coffee shop and just chill.  Chill and feel the warmth of a two-sided friendship.  Saturday reminded me that there are people in my life that love me.
Saturday also gave us the gift of starting Little Love's pre-birthday weekend.  Taco Tuesday on a Saturday is tops especially when you find a new hole in the wall with fabulous and affordable food.  Target was next as Little Love got his annual birthday mini-shopping spree.  He did great with the $50 he could spend and even got something for his sister because he's just cool like that.
We ended Saturday with Kristine's crepes because that's what the family craves on the daily.  I made some green ones, too, because it's Little Love's fave color.
Little Love even had his own hashtag on instagram:  #lucasturns8


So Monday...are you following here?  Take notes.  This is what you're supposed to be doing for people.  
On to Sunday.  Your bestie, Sunday, was awesome!  She went over and beyond what Saturday did even!

Sunday was Disneyland!
I know right?!
We got there bright and early.  Enjoyed a whole bunch of rides, yummy food, lots of laughs, and our favorite, a parade.  Little Love was so thrilled!  Lovebug and Daddy were pretty happy as well.  They even got to go to the Magic Shop on Main Street...I see a lot of magic in our future.
We ended the exhausting day by going to Macaroni Grill.  Sunday knows that it's our family tradition to celebrate birthdays there.  Spaghetti all around...you know what they say:  Long Noodle, Long Life!

So Monday...whatcha think?
You ready to make Saturday & Sunday look pathetic next to you?
I know you can do it!
You've already given me some yummy coffee to sip on all morning. 

Be nice, k?
I know you can do it.
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  1. Sounds to me like an absolutely wonderful weekend!! I'm hoping for a weekend like that this weekend! =D I hope Monday has been good to you!

  2. Crepes sound pretty heavenly right now... want to make me some? Hope that this weekend is as great for you guys as last weekend was!


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