I didn't know...but now I do ♥

When I was fourteen years old...
I didn't know that the first day of English my Sophomore year in high school would change my life forever.
I didn't know that the boy with the spiky hair that sat next to me every morning asking if I did my homework and if he could just take a "look" was the person I'd end up with in the end.
I didn't know that meeting you would make my life so different than what it was.

I didn't know that even though we were just friends, we had a special bond from the beginning.
I didn't know that the boy I set my best friend up with was really supposed to be for me.
I didn't know that years later as we started our first year in college, I would see you at the college bookstore and be shocked at how hot just one summer apart made you.

I didn't know that I was the only one of our friends that didn't have chicken pox when you got it and I would take care of you for a whole week.
I didn't know that an afternoon spent together would lead us to dare each other to kiss.
I didn't know that we would date and then break up and then date again and break up.
I didn't know that we would be apart because I was sent to Peru.

I didn't know that even though we spent six years apart that I would miss you everyday even though I tried to forget you.
I didn't know that even though my dad was against us from the start that I would have the guts to just be with you and not care anymore.
I didn't know that when we got pregnant that bravery came in just the nick of time and so long overdue.
 I didn't know that meeting you when I was 14 that I would be married to you 25 years later. 

I didn't know that having children with you and then marrying you would be the best part of my life.
I just didn't know how wonderful and fulfilling life was going to be if I shared it with you.
I didn't know so many things.
I wish I had known sooner...
But I do know it all now.

I know that you are the best person in the whole world.
I now know that when I prayed to God for a good man that would take care of me and love every single personality that makes me -
that He would send me you.

You are my forever.
You are what makes me stronger.
You are what makes me brave.
You are the person that always makes me feel enough.

I know because I am all that to you.
Only nine years of marriage, but a lifetime of friendship.
You are my best friend.

I love you...

Happy Anniversary My Love.
My One True Love.
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  1. Awww.. the sweetest post I've ever read. Happy Anniversary!!!

  2. So sweet! Happy Anniversary!

  3. This is the best! You two are such a great example of love and making things work.

  4. Happy Anniversary Nay! To you and your True Love!!


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