I'm the Kinda Girl who...

Turns out I'm the kinda girl that joins the bandwagon of fabulous bloggers that have joined Holly's link up, so here goes!

"I'm the kinda girl who..."

* thinks she can be pretty darn cute when she wants to...
 * freaks out every first day of the semester when I read the syllabus for any class I'm taking.  FREAK OUT!  All the "Oh My Gee! What have I gotten myself into?!" Yeah, last night was a total hyperventilating session in Biology.

* apparently says "Oh My Gee!"  Yeah, I'm kinda dorky cute like that.

* loves tuna sandwiches. Adores them! When I was preggers with both kids, I had one every day with a Fruit Punch Gatorade.  Yeah, no one told me that I couldn't.  Well, they kinda did, but... oops!

* thinks honeydew and cantaloupe are nasty.  Sorry, honeydew and cantalope lovers of the internet.  I just can't hang with those melons.

* changes the toilet paper roll in any bathroom or bathroom stall if it's on the wrong way. OCD much?

* has way too many unfinished journals.  See, I have this problem with handwriting perfection.  It always starts out looking so pretty when I start a journal then the handwriting gets messy and it's over.  Start a new journal. Yes, it's a problem.  I'm okay with it:)

* forgets her train of thought mid-sentence.  My hubby thinks it's hilarious.

* loves to dance in the car.  I have the best back-up moves ever!

* is thrilled when there's coffee and a good friend to talk to.  That's what will be happening this weekend and I'm so excited to be spending sometime with one of my long-time fave girlfriends.

knows when a blog post is starting to be a blog ramble.  So, I'm out!

What kinda girl are you?
If you link up, let me know!
Or give me a fun detail about you in the comments!
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  1. I definitely get that first day of the semester freak out. Mine tends to last maybe 3 or 4 weeks into the semester. And maybe this semester it has lasted until this week. . . which may or may not be week 6. . .

    And I'm all about some car dance parties! The best is when you pull up beside someone at a light and they join in =)


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