about last week...

Last week...
Oh, loveys, last week was a whirlwind of emotions.

It was a week of the hubby saying,
"Babe, you need to take me to the doctor." at midnight two Thursdays ago.
It was grabbing the kids from their sleep, driving at lightening speed to urgent care.

It was a week of getting to urgent care just as the chest pains and shortness of breath started.
Then having the doctors send him to the Emergency Room and finally, five hours later, admitted to the hospital.
It was a week that the first night, I just needed to gather my kids close to me as Daddy was in the hospital
and not worry about school or homework but just sit there and process.
It was a week that the first weekend was filled with sitting at my hubby's side, holding his hand, praying that the answers would come.  He was unable to eat or drink for four days.
It was a week that I would drop the kids off at school, go to work until 11am, run to the hospital to stay there until I had to pick up the kids.
It was a week of a lot of praying and loneliness. 
Not just my loneliness, but my hubby's as well because I couldn't be there at every moment.
It was a week of small victories.
My hubby was finally able to drink water and then advance to broths. 
It was a week of taking small bites, having lots of tests, blood drawn, and exhaustion on my end.
It was a week that one day the doctor said it was okay to go home.
But then they just wanted to do one more blood test before he came home.
Just one more.
It was a week that had the results of that "just one more blood test" having him stay at the hospital.
It was the week that I had enough and cried because my bed didn't have him in it.
It was the week that I just couldn't do it anymore.
I needed my husband back. 
It was the week where I got a phone call in the morning saying that he could come home.
That the blood tests and MRIs and CT scans were being sent for a second opinion, but that he could come home.
It was a week I never wanted to happen.
It can never happen again.

It was a week that I truly held onto my faith and realized that I was
Brave Enough
and Strong Enough...

It was the week where I realized that my faith was the only thing holding me up.

Thank you all of you for your love, prayers, texts, emails, phone calls, and support last week.

The Hubby is home.
Back to work.
Back to normal.

I feel complete again.
Last week is a thing of the past.
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  1. Oh my gosh, I am glad he is okay now. That must have been a terrible week. Now you rest up and I hope everything else falls back into place. (((((HUGS))))

  2. Oh Nay, I worried about you all for the entire week. Prayers are continued to be said for Marv. Just want you guys to get some answers. Love and besos to you!

  3. I can't even imagine. How horrifying for you all. Praise God that he's back home with you where he belongs. We will continue to pray that you get the answers to all this scariness and for strength even tho we all know you are such a strong mama already. XOXOXO

  4. Oh my word! I am so glad he is okay!! I can't even imagine how scary that was! Faith is such an amazing thing! You can email me ANYTIME love!!! xoxo

  5. Oh my goodness! I'm so glad this ended with a happy ending and your hubby is home again. A year ago my husband got severe food poisoning, and ended up so dehydrated that he got delirious and I had to rush him to emergency to get antibiotics and IV. It ended up being something we can laugh about now, but it was so scary as it was happening! Faith can keep us strong and brave in even the most turbulent situations! X Jane http://janeheinrichs.blogspot.com

  6. So stressful, thank God he's home and things are looking up!!! New day and a new week momma!:)

  7. My heart was up in my throat when I heard that your hubby was in the hospital. So incredibly lonely, and scary, and worrisome. I am so glad he is doing better and got to come home!


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