Me and Sara B.

Hey Lovey... 
I just deleted the post I babbled this morning. I had nothing to say and thought I'd waste your time trying to be funny, but it didn't sit well with me.

So here's to second chances :) 


It's no secret that my newest girl crush is Ms. Sara Bareilles.  She is so inspiring and empowering for me lately.  All last week, I listened to the three CDs I received and let her music and lyrics wash over me.  They helped me get through last week.

I have a new favorite, actually...
I'm really digging the live version of this song and even have the kids asking to hear it.  All Sara B...All the time.
 On Monday, I took the kids to see the Lego Movie and then ice cream afterward.  
My son asked to listen to Sara B on the way to every place we went.  Both of the kids have caught on really fast with the lyrics and sing them at the top of their lungs.

They have inherited my love of music.  That warms my soul.  I notice my daughter humming all the time....just like I do.  It just gives me peace to see them enjoying what I love.

The simple things.
Listening to some good tunes.
Sitting at the local library/park with some ice cream.
Life is simply good.

This is the post I should've wrote in the first place.
This is the writing that I do...

All Me.

and a little Sara B.
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  1. Now I'm intrigued as to what you wrote earlier :) Love that M&M sing and hum all day long too! Music is good for the soul! Love you Nay! Enjoy the rest of your day! XO

  2. Beautiful song and she has an absolutely beautiful voice! Thanks for sharing!

  3. You really should have just published it! Real friends love you for the babbling too ;-) I know what you mean though. Sometimes I just can't get it out right. I haven't listened to Sara B Lately but need to add her back to my playlist. She. is. good! Music is so powerful. Sometimes it just reduces me to a puddle of tears because it is that big. Good post.


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