There is Nothing Better

Last week in the midst of all my sadness and worry, I received a package from a longtime online friend.  Online friend?  Um....I mean, just friend.  Natassia has gone over and beyond the power of friendship in the last two (or is it three) years that I have been blogging.  She is the person that just knows when I need prayer or a little hello.
A week or so before the hubby went into the hospital, Nat had posted about a ring she had made.  Just a tester to see what people thought...I loved it.  After a few text messages back and forth, she said she would send me the tester ring...just because :)
See that's how Nat is...
She not only sent me the tester ring that said Faith Hope Love, but made me a ring with My Two Big Words: Brave Enough.  Also, she sent me that beautiful necklace with my kids' names and the initials of me and my hubby...That's not all.
Not pictured:
The necklace she made for my daughter that said Believe (her one big word for 2014), a journal, a mustache pencil topper, and a five-year memory book.

I have met wonderful friends in this place called BlogLand.

See this is how it works:
You need a pick up for a miserable week and you get it.
Just that.
Love from every part of the social media world.
I would not have been able to get through last week without all that love and prayer.

And after last week happened, I realized how special my blogland neighbors are to me.
It's not just little notes to say Happy Valentine's Day or a package like Nat''s all of that and more.
The little big things!

For instance, this video that Megs posted:
Oh my goodness!  I cried after watching these two littles sing my anthem.  The anthem that their momma told me was mine.  Megan...oh Megan has been a blessing to me.  I can just text her whenever the heck I want and she'll say something snazzy and that's my smile for the day.
But her littles?
Oh my gosh - I'm the Auntie Nay they've never met.  They're family.
They're our nieces in Blogland.

There are too many blogland neighbors to mention that were there for me...and are there for me...that I consider my closest friends....
but go to my Insta account and you can see them all:)

Want to be showed that you are thought of all the time?
My Leilani.
And again the tears.
This is real life, loveys!
There is nothing better...

Nothing better than a support system of girlfriends to get you through it all.
Thank you.
Love you.

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Please check out Nat's Knapsack.  She makes the most beautiful pieces with well-thought out love.  I can't wait for her rings to be available.  You'll want to snatch them all.  Go give her some handmade love, k?


  1. Indeed I agree. Blogland provide a whole new source of friends and support. We're new friends, but you are in my prayers, dear!

    1. Thank you so much, friend! It means the world to me:)

  2. Aw that is so sweet! When I first started blogging a few years ago I had no idea there was such a big blogging community. Care packages are the best!

    <3 Kate -


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