Um...What was I going to title this?


There's a lot going on lately.
I like it a lot of the time because I'm busy or on the go, but phew!
I am definitely feeling my age a lot more these days.
I'm only near the 40th year of my life, so definitely not an old battleax or anything...but still.
This almost 40-year-old definitely gets tired faster than when she was in her 20s.
And on that note, I've lost my train of thought again.
This is happening a lot more now.
I click on my web browser and then forget why I did.
I walk towards the files at work and then have to walk back to my desk because I forget.
Don't get scared.
This doesn't happen when you're about to turn 40.
This is just a Nay-tendency.
My mom used to say, "If you didn't have your head screwed on then you'd probably lose that too, Nays." (said in the most sarcastic loving way possible from what I remember)
So, it's no wonder I can do all the things I do on a daily basis.
Fun, I tell ya.
Oh!  I remembered! YES!
I was going to do a currently/life lately/looking forward to kinda post.
But eh...I forgot what I'm up to that was so important to write on here.
Happy Hump Day!
May your day be totally different than mine and that you don't lose your head today either.
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