Bat Sh*t Crazy {The Link-up!}

My sweet bloggy friend, Cassie, started a link up today. 
Yes, on a day that I don't blog. 
Yes, I will support the link up cause. 

She's a homie. 
And homies stick together. 
LOL I crack my self up when I try to talk gangsta... 
{Almost lost my train of thought there for a sec - phew!}

Are you ready? 
Click on the button below and link up with Cassie!

I'm Bat Sh*t Crazy because... 
Well...I'm Nay. Isn't that enough?

Want someone to worry about something for you that doesn't exist?
I'm your girl!
My hubby says that I have way too much free time when I'm out of school because I make up stuff in my head to worry about.  But that's me.  Live with it.

I talk.  A lot.
Like I can't stop sometimes. Quiet friends are the best for me.  See, they don't need to talk at all.  I'll have the conversation for both of us.  I'll finish your sentences - interrupt you when you start talking - yes, it's a problem.  Yes, I'm getting help for that.

I have multiple personalities.  Not diagnosed by a doctor, mind you.  My hubby just knows so.
What person are you today, he says.  Oh there's another one, he says.  So I just have a lot of personality.
That's kind of loveable, right?

So, to tell you the truth, I don't really think I'm "bat sh*t crazy"...hear me out.
I really think everyone else is kind of bonkers and I'm the "normal" one.  Whatever that is.  I'm pretty dang entertaining - especially when I'm b*tching about something - freaking hilarious.  I have different sides of me - some are weird, some are friendly, some are not so friendly - but each side is me.
So that's okay, right?

I said, That's Okay...RIGHT?!

That's better.

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  1. Haahaha!!! I loved this post so much! Thanks for linking up girl! Muah!!

  2. Hahahaha!! LOVE it!! I'll have to link up with Cassie too!

  3. love! I'm off to link up too! I'm playing catch up reading my fav blogs tonight!


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