How are those wishes going!?

Hi lovey!
It's time for our monthly update!!

My wishes:
1.  Make bread.
2. Make business cards to match blog.
There was a great offer with Oubly and I ordered some business cards.  They don't really match my blog, but that's okay:)
3. Lose weight.
Nothing lost, nothing gained - not bad.
4. Thank you or Thinking of You notes sent to a friend (once a month).
I sent three friends a "happy for your friendship" note this month!
5. Have a girl date.
None this month :/
6. Have more Mommy & Me dates with Lovebug.
7. Beach days (summer)
8. Trips to the mountains.
Maybe during Spring Break next month!
9. Try skiing (or ski diving?)
10.  Have tea with my Mom.
Weren't able to do it while she was here.  I think I'll change this wish to something else next month.
11. Date night(s).
12. Finish off General Education requirements and start classes for my major.
Still going...
13.  Make an edible and tasty roast beef.
14.  Juice at least once a day.
I juiced twice a week this month.  We added bananas to our green smoothies and can I say YUM!?
15.  Walk at work during breaks.
Nope.  But starting the challenge over with Erin at Living in Yellow for April.
16.  Take a day or two off by myself.
I did, but then I wasn't alone like I planned.  Need to try again in a few months.
 17.  Read 12 books.
Finished Allegiant (finally!) and now just started a new book - Twelve Years a Slave - so far so good.  Beautiful words floating on the pages.
18. Make a plant arrangement.
19.  Get my hair professionally done.
20.  Schedule out time for writing.
As soon as I figure out how to do that...I'll let you know.

So there you have it.
My Updated 20 Wish Project List.

And now for the fun part!
((Drum Roll))

The Giveaway!

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It's time for you to link up!  You can show us your new list or updated one from February!  Can't wait to see how you all are doing on this journey!

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  1. Sounds like you are chugging along on your progress! Are you making bread in the oven or do you have a bread machine? And what did you think of Allegiant? Scheduling time for writing doesn't happen too often so I just carry a notebook with me everywhere I go so as the thoughts come I can at least jot a few notes down. I definitely write better with a notebook and pen then trying to type at the computer.

  2. I've never heard of Oubly. I need to check it out though, need business cards for my photography business. And what about Allegiant?!?! I was not real happy with it, if I'm being honest. I loved the first two books but then Allegiant almost ruined it for me!!!


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