Just Because Monday

 Because waiting for your sister at the orthodontist's office can get boring, so you play truth or dare and then take  #selfies with your mama...

Because it's now become a tradition to have ice cream after the orthodontist - you know, to dull the not-really-there pain...

Because when your daughter says, "we look so pretty, mama...let's take a picture together," you do.  every. time. without. fail.

Because your hubby says "let's go to Starbucks" and you don't hesitate.  You get him a Zebra frappe and your Java Chip because it's a nice 80 degrees outside.

 Because my dad called and said, "please take pictures of the kids with your mama before she comes back home," and you always do as your told.

Because my mom was having a good day and my brother didn't mind doing it - we take our first #mamaandherbabies #selfie ever.

Because a last minute trip to Disneyland is always a good idea when your San Fran family is in town.  Always a great idea.

Because it's Monday and a photo dump of my goings-on is simply a nice way to show you my little life.
How was your weekend?
What did you do "just because"?

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  1. Mmmmmmm Starbucks! I love it when my kids want to take pictures with me. It makes me feel so loved. I know that's a bit corny. Lol.


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