Nothing Beats a Smile

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 Went into Starbucks this morning and it was hecka was just a quick morning date with the hubby as we drove into work...and I overheard these two men talking in the corner about all the people walking by them.  

Oh the goodness what came out of their mouths.
"That one always looks so sad when he comes in here."
"Why is that one look so ragged - probably out all night - ha ha."

But then...
A customer was about to walk out of Starbucks after getting her coffee and turned to smile and say, "Have a good morning, guys!" to them.  

This is where it got good.  The men said to each other that nothing beats a smile and a good attitude.  They said that a woman only needs a smile to make them beautiful.  It was so wonderful to hear this from them.  They continued to talk about how that smile and good attitude was so worth it to live happily in this life.

They're so right.

Nothing beats a smile.
Nothing beats living the best life you can.
Nothing beats showing off how awesome you really are.

That girl only smiled, loveys.
And that smile changed that old men conversation in an instant.

Oh, the possibilities.

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  1. That is amazing! The power of a smile is mighty! Not only does it brighten the smiler's day but those around it. This is proof. Thanks for sharing. Oh and a quick morning date sounds like a great way to start the day!


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