This was the highlight of my weekend...
Not that a Venti triple-shot non-fat vanilla latte isn't awesome, but..
Not because it rained all weekend and we just sat together on the sofa and cuddled and watched movies, but...

My weekend was blah.
Total blah-ness.
It made me sad.

My daughter was sick all weekend, so even if we wanted to go out, we couldn't.
My mom spent the entire weekend with me (and staying on until Friday) and wasn't herself the whole time.  Actually she was herself, but I can't really handle the effects of who she is anymore.
She pleaded with me to stay the rest of the week because, "Nay, you know how to take care of me."
I'm not going to complain about my mom. I can't.  She's my mom.  

But this weekend was much harder than I thought.
I thought I'd be able to relax, but really, I was on the stressed end of it all.  

Will my daughter ever feel better? My poor baby was coughing and sniffling up a storm all weekend.
She woke up totally fine this morning - like if nothing ever happened.
Thank goodness.

My mom's attitude totally changed when I told her she could stay the rest of the week.  As if this weekend of emotional twists and turns had never happened.

I know.  I should be thankful.  I should be happy that there weren't any anxiety attacks I'd have to tackle (from my mom or from me).  I should be thankful that I was there when my mom was crying and was able to hug her and tell her everything was going to be okay.

I know.
It's just hard.

Today is my day off.
Today I was supposed to just sit here and write and study and maybe even go to Starbucks again and get that Venti Vanilla deliciousness. But nope.

Not gonna happen.

Maybe it'll be a better day than this weekend was.
Maybe, just maybe, this day will turn out for the better.

I'm being a downer - not my usual self.
But sometimes...
The only thing that helps is to write here to you because I know you'll listen and tell me...
This too shall pass.

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  1. Weekends like that are tough. I know the spoiler that Starbucks saved the day, and that the world is a brighter place again. But I want you to know that I love you, even when you aren't quite your Nay-tastic self.

  2. Writing is good therapy. I think it's called being human to have days and weeks like this. Sometimes we need the blah to appreciate the better days. Hey you did get coffee though ;-)


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