That Great Day Attitude {WIWW, too!}

Hey there...
It has been decided, lovey!
I declare today to be "Great Day Attitude" day!
I am willing myself to feel great today and look towards the blessings and love that I have in my life.
One of the "Brave Enough" kinda days.
Are you with me?
We got this!
So, because I'm all "let's get brave, Nay!" and stuff, I thought that I'd post a witty, smart, close-to-40 but still pretty dang gorgeous chica for you!
I know!  Aren't you thrilled?!
{wink wink}
I handed my iPhone to my 8-year-old son and he started snapping away at my "you look so pretty, Mommy" outfit {awwww}
Maxi Dress (turned skirt for today's purposes) - Target (like two summers ago); Quarter Sleeve Black Shirt - Target (this winter - Christmas clearance yo!); black peep toe flats - um...Ross, I think:)
I shopped my closet today and was especially pleased with today's work outfit.  Comfy, cute, business-casual - a "10" for me.  Oh!  And totally forgiving with the little rolls here and there. {wink} son was snapping away on my iphone, right? But unbeknownst to me kept taking photos without stopping.  When I looked at my phone on the ride into work to see what he snapped?  The above pics were the most acceptable. Believe me.  {you're welcome} 
I sure make weird faces when I'm talking to him, I've noticed.
These two out takes were my fave!  {ha!}
and truth be told, I think I look pretty hot in this pic - silly face and all!

"okay funny boy - gimme my phone.  No, really.  Give mama her phone! Lucaaaaaassssss!"
What are you wearing today?
{okay that sounded kinda creepy, heavy-breathing on the phone, right?}
How about...
Tell me how you're going to make today a "Great Day Attitude" for yourself!

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pleated poppy


  1. The bottom first one is my fav! Love you Nay! Way to rock that dress turned maxi skirt and that attitude! XOXOXO


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