This one's about you, Lovey! {The Empowered Woman}

Hey there doll face:)

I had a very different blog post scheduled for today...but decided it could wait until tomorrow.  See, I'm a caffeinated chica at the moment and when that happens the empowerment bug hits me.  Are you ready for it?

Sweet lovey, I have read a lot of blog posts of how life runs and we're always just trying to keep up.  Know that I definitely understand the struggle.  I live it everyday - being a mommy, wifey, going to work outside the home all day, running to class three nights out of the week - and I have no idea how I still have my head screwed on straight.

But as I was making the breakfast for the kids this morning while making lunches for all four of us and getting a sip of coffee in between, it hit me.  I can do hard things.  We all can.  We do it everyday.  We run behind toddlers toddling to and fro.  We run to drop off the kids at school on time.  We run to school or work or to do all out errands in record time.  We do so much.  But when do we just sit and let out that breath we so desperately need? 

Rarely.  And that's the truth for you and definitely for me.  My only real outlet is this blog.  This place that I can be all me, all the time.  A time where I can sit at a keyboard and just exhale and let out all that is going on in my life...and hopefully show you that, yes, you can do hard things too.

I read about women running their selves rampant all over town, trying to keep the house clean while their littles destroy the order in minutes, trying to keep our heads above water having dinner on the table (or the couch) on time, keeping the kids entertained, the hubby happy, making ourselves as presentable as possible with the little me time we have left.  We do so much.  So very much..but know this...

It does not go unnoticed.  Heard of those women that go on strike?  And then all hell breaks loose?  Yeah, if we weren't around, yes things would get done.  For sure.  But not our way.  Not the way that our families need it.  As women - mommas, furbaby mommas, single ladies running the world, working mommas trying to get it all done, stay at home mommas doing everything - we are so much stronger than anyone.

We are the backbone of our housefolds.
We are the love and nurturing that our families look to.
We are the disciplinarians.
We are the cuddles on the sofa because you have an owie.
We are so much.
We are so much to so many.

Remember that you've got this.  You may not always be on time.  You may sometimes feel like you can't do one more thing.  Trust me.  You can.  Listen to me - I am almost 40 years old, so maybe I know a thing or two (maybe?)- you are the most wonderful, smart, encouraging, inspiring, empowered, all together awesome person on this earth.

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God doesn't make mistakes.  He made you and knows that you can do it.  Have faith.  Be empowered.  Be brave.  Be enough.

Stop for a second today.  Just for a little bit and think of how perfectly imperfect you are.  Know that's okay.  Know that you don't have to be perfect.  You just have to be You.  You are the rock.  You are the foundation.  You are so much more than you know.

You are a woman.  God made man, but remembered that He needed a someone to keep it all in check.  That's why he made us.

Fearfully and wonderfully made us.

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  1. I could use a dose of empowerment today. XOXO have a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. #boom So much truth here! ROAR is right sweet Nay!


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