What a little curl will do...

All I did was let my hair do it's thing this morning.  That's it.
I let it air dry and went about my morning routine.  No rushing this morning since I didn't have to style (read: tame) this hair of mine.  Just let it be and, in turn, let my natural self shine.

Because of all this curly stuff going on this morning, I felt free and empowered.  Let it all hang loose kind of attitude.  It feels awesome.

I'm happy.
I'm overwhelmed with life a lot of the time, but today...

Lovey, today is fricken awesome and I'm going to make sure it stays that way.
I am going to embrace every aspect of myself and I want you to join me.

Let's say out loud:
All Me.  All the time.
I am proud of who I was,  who I am, and who I will be.

Let's be happy.
Why not right?  It's not going to hurt anyone.
Let's give people a reason to wonder what the heck is so great with us today.
Let's make people wonder why they aren't as annoyingly cheery as we are.
Let's just say we are happy without regret or apology.
Let's be Brave Enough.

Together we can do anything!
No, really...trust me.
I've got your back.
Today and Everyday.

Have a wonderful day and I hope to hear about the great things you are embracing.
Love ya!

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  1. Yes! Embracing all of our crazy zoo today and everyday! THANKS for the awesome reminder! XO


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