amor...un cafecito, si?

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I finally had some coffee this morning.  Fi-na-lly!  I have been drinking tea all week because of this stinkin' sore throat that does not want to go away.
When the hubby asked if I wanted coffee this morning on our way into work?
I gave him an excited thumbs-up.  It hurt too much to talk this morning.
So, I got my coffee and it just makes me feel better.

Driving into work today with the hubby - with coffee in hand - and listening to the morning radio, I was happy.  I was happy when my hubby turned to one of our stations and said, "Baby, it's your song."
That he knows what I love and need most days is such a blessing.  I smiled at him and just closed my eyes to listen to my favorite lyrics.  I couldn't sing them like I usually do, but mouthed them as my hubby took my hand while he drove.

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I really do love my life.  
Even when I have bad days, I know that I am so very blessed with this life I have.
I'm grateful, so very grateful.  Knowing that I get to wake up each day and spend this life with the people I love is such a gift.  
Coffee, good music, a man that loves me, kids who are healthy and good, these fingers to type out my words, a sound mind that has so many incredible thoughts, friends near and far, a kind word my way, and so much encouragement to be me...that is what this gift of life is.

Have a very wonderful Friday, lovey.  I'll be thinking about you...and wishing you a life that is a gift to you, as well.

And enjoy a cafecito while you're at it (or dr. pepper, tea, ice cold water?)...
it makes a world of difference.

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  1. Sorry you're not feeling good! I hope you start feeling better soon! Have a fabulous weekend friend!


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