Catching Up

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Boy, is it hard to get back to the swing of things.  Being on vacation and not writing for that long is hard.  Coming back from vacation sick (sore throat over here) makes it even more difficult.  But, I just have to get this thing started.  Get back to what I do best....write.

I have had so many things to be grateful for these last few weeks and it reminds me of the power that gratitude gives.  I came back to work without having to worry about all the stuff  I needed to do.  I just got through the emails and was happily surprised that a lot of the stuff was taken care of while I was gone.  So, I got to start with a clean slate.  Total bliss right there.

Yes, I've been sick.  Not being able to swallow because of pain really does suck, but having a husband who takes care of you makes everything so much better.  We are such a good parenting team.  He gives when I can't and I do the same.  I was reading Tausha's post yesterday and she is so right.  Nothing is more attractive than when a man becomes a father.  Hubby is so great with the kids.  He is a father any child would be lucky to have.  Oh, how I wish we could have more to share his daddy-ness with!  And...he takes care of me.  He made me homemade chicken noodle soup last night with cherry jell-o for dessert.  It's the little things like that which make me love him so much more everyday.

You know what else rocks my world?  Texting with wonderful friends that just get you.  You can send a "hey there" text to her and know you aren't bugging while she is busy with her day.  Or texting her after not doing so for so long and you don't miss a step.  Or getting excited because you read a message from her or see a pin she sent you, knowing she was thinking of you.  It's pretty wonderful having this blog community and finding some wonderful women you can call friends.

I've also been pretty thankful to pinterest lately.  I know it's such a time suck, but it also is so inspiring.  I just love pinning all the words that give me hope and finding ideas for outfits to Elevate (!)  It's less than four weeks away and ohmygoodness, I am thrilled to see so many of the girls I've grown to love...and meeting new ladies! Yes!  What does that have to do with pinterest, right?  I have no idea.  But one thought leads to another of course.

So I guess I just wrote a little blog post there for ya, huh?  I knew all I had to do was break through that difficult wall and just let the words flow so I can "talk" with you.  Just like always.  I missed you, loveys.  Bunches.

Now, go have an awesome day!
Make it count.
Be brave enough.
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