Coffee. Needed. Now.

Anyone have an extra cup of coffee to spare? {or maybe five?}
This week has been a doozy - you know, one of those weeks that slaps you on the arse and says, "well, have at it, big girl."
And, lovey, did I!

You may have noticed that coffee-n-ink has had some hormonal issues this week.  One day I am pissed, another I'm Little Miss Empowerment, one is telling you my truth, and another is making sure you know you are beautiful.  The moods started off a little angry but went up that rollercoaster of a week and ended on high note, right?

And today?
Today I just know I have a shit ton of work to get done before I'm off next week.
Oh, remember.  The kids and I actually got our Spring Break on the same week this year.  So the fambam is on vacation next week!  Oh my goodness, are you going to be okay while I'm gone?  I know life will just not be complete without me and this space (modest, who me?)...

But I prepared this time.  I have some FABULOUS bloggers taking over the blog next week.  You know them all and I promise you'll will be thrilled to see who comes by to visit and keep you company while I'm gone.  Exciting, huh?

Come on say it with me...

Um, so are you going to get me some coffee or what?
Jeesh...what's a girl gotta do. {lol}
You know I love ya and I'll be thinking of all of you while I'm away.
I'll def be on Instagram all week.

Talk to you soon!
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Please give next week's bloggers extra love for me, okay?  Show them that the coffee-n-ink loveys rock!