Hey Absolute Mommy! Take Over My Blog!

Hello Loveys,
While I'm on Spring Break this week, I have given some bloggers permission to take over my little space in Blogland.
To start off the week, one of my sweet blogging besties, Megan!  
Yes, we all know and love this girl.  This writer that inspires all of us to be writers and not just bloggers.
Read. Enjoy. Repeat.
You're welcome.
Your Nay

Hello coffee-n-ink readers.
I'm Megan from Absolute Mommy. Maybe you have heard of me.
I'm one of Nay's blogging besties and before you say, "How lame, you guys haven't even met, right?", we have met and I can tell you Nay gives the best hugs. 
Also, Nay has the heart of a writer and when she asked me if I'd like to guest post here, I couldn't resist. 
Reason one being because I'd do anything for her, and two because I love to be the center of attention. 
Just one of the many things you just might hate about me. 
Don't hate, I just had my hair done when I took this picture. I promise it doesn't look like this all the time.

Ten Things You'd Hate About Me
I'm an only child. And I've been spoiled to a fault. I'm so used to being the center of the universe that some days it's still hard for me to realize that I'm really not anymore. I'm a work in progress people!

I don't drink coffee. Or any caffeine really. I've got adrenal fatigue and so caffeine is a no-no for me on most days. I do cheat occasionally. But most people think this fact about me is coo-coo bananas.

I'm a size four, but I still think I'm fat. I know, it's awful, you don't have to tell me. But in my defense, when you get used to a certain size and now you are a new size your heart kind of breaks a little. I'm learning to accept this new me, but it's been harder than I can admit.

 I've done nothing to change number 3. 
I know. I should be exercising if I'm really unhappy with my size. But I really enjoy sitting on my ass and watching the Mindy Project or Scandal. I could be apologetic about this fact, but that would be a lie.

My favorite book is Love Story. My mother absolutely despises the book because of the cheesy movie made in the seventies, but the book captivated me! I wanted to go to an Ivy League school and date a hockey player/old money man like Oliver Barrett. I just didn't want to end up like Jenny Cavilleri, if you know what I mean. But I adore this book for all the sap, descriptions of Ivy League schools in the fall, and poetry read at wedding ceremonies. I love every single piece of cheese it holds.

The flip side of that is, I cannot for the life of me enjoy Pride and Prejudice. I get it, I call myself a bibliophile, and yet I just can't with this book. This one I'm actually sorry about.

 I am known for my selfies without make-up. What can I say, Instagram filters really make me look good. In my youth I would have never left the house with out make up and clean hair. As I've aged I've figured those things are luxuries on most days. So don't hate me because I know how to filter to my advantage. It's a finely cultivated skill...

I don't eat wheat, gluten, or grains of any kind. Yes, I'm that person. So I'm the worst to go out to dinner with. I always get to pick the restaurant, and I always special order. In my defense, I'm allergic to every grain that grows. 

 I'm a Brazilian waxer. Even though I hate it. I still do it. I have my reasons.

I have nothing but love and affection for the "eff" word. I won't use it here, this isn't my blog, but you may see it from time to time on my blog. Listen, I've got small kids, so my use of this word has taken a back seat in recent years. However, I've been known to use it as a comma, an adjective, and a verb. Sometimes in the same sentence.

So that's a lot about me. 
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