Monday...Let's Do This!

Hey there lovey...I'm starting my week off with a positive step forward.  I think you should join me on this new day.  Whatcha think?

After waking up to my alarm this morning (picture me shooting straight up from bed with my arms up) and taking a shower to fully wake up, I decided I am in charge of my attitude about today.  So, I decided right there in the shower that it's going to be a good day!

Are you with me?

Monday is going to be great and I have no reason to be grumpy about it.  A few reasons to be thrilled:

*Hubby colored my hair last night, so I didn't have to go into work with the greys this morning.  Major plus right there.  
*I found something to wear to work on the first try.  This never happens.  
*I did my makeup, hair, and the kids' lunches in record time.  
*I drove into work alone today because the hubby is off, so I got to stop at Starbucks and order my new favorite drink, grande non-fat vanilla macchiato, and a lemon loaf cake.  Can you say yum?  
*And then I cranked Sara Bareilles in the car all the way to work, singing my heart out - no more sore throat, by the way!

Today is starting out to be pretty darn awesome!

I had a really good weekend, too.  

We bought a new car since our commuter car went to car heaven.  I am loving it and have claimed it as my early birthday present.  Doesn't every soon-to-be 40 year old get a new car? No? Well, it should be a rule:)  On Saturday, we met up with my hubby's school friends - a little reunion of sorts - and went to a buffet.  Ohmygoodness!  They had some bacon wrapped chicken things that I devoured.  Yum!  Sunday was a major relaxation day.  We stayed in pajamas until noon (!) and I made three batches of crepes.  Did some regular errands later that night and went to sleep.  Pretty great weekend.

So, there is no reason my Monday can't be great, too? Right?

Let's make it awesome...we'll take it hour by hour?  Deal?
I knew you'd be up for it.
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  1. I love Mondays to begin with, but even if I didn't, this list would totally do the trick in making my day perfection. Happy last 2 hours of your 30's, 40 has never looked better!


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