Old Lady Blogger - as in Me...

This is such truth.  This is exactly why I write.  So when it so happens that I can't figure out what to write about, I just don't.  Like yesterday, I was absent in my writing life.  I have a bunch of topics to write about, but yesterday the words just wouldn't translate to the keyboard onto the screen.  And surprisingly, it was okay.

I know I've told you all this so many times...but writing here to you helps me so much.  I don't feel like I am judged in this space.  I feel supported and able to write out what I could never say out loud.

Like how I forgot my purse in the car, so as my husband drove off to his job, I belittled myself over how stupid I was.  I made myself feel so dumb for forgetting the purse and that in turn made me furious with myself.  Like a tidalwave of fury at myself.  I am my own worst enemy sometimes.

Or like a week or so ago, when I mentioned to a fellow student that I had a blog.  She said, "Oh.  I thought girls closer to my age only did that.  Um, that's cool for someone your age to start one." Someone my age? WTF!  Of course I wish I had put that girl in her place, but I didn't.  So I'm an old lady blogger - cool.  I have an idea! Maybe I should start pitching those old people brands - you know, like Depends!  {good grief}

Or how one of you loveys I was emailing with the other night asked me - so now that I've dropped Biology, what am I doing with my free time?  It took me a minute to answer since I was just sitting there watching Power Rangers with the kids...what was I doing with those extra hours of free time?  And then I thought - dang it! I need to figure out what to do with this new free time!  Honestly I really wanted to email her back that I was doing nothing, but then it hit me....well actually I was staring at my book case and a book shot out at me.  The Artist's Way...the book/workbook that I've been meaning to work on and read when I had "free time".  Well ain't that a kick in the arse?  So I started it yesterday.  Free time? Boom!

Or like how yesterday I had an epiphany (!)
I will be on Spring Break from April 14-18.  As you know, when it's family time/vacation time, I don't really blog - so it hit me.  I'd ask some of my favorite bloggers (some are even blog celebrities to a lot of us) if they would take over my blog during my break.  I asked six bloggers and so far two have said yes. What?!  I kinda did a big Yay! and twirl when I got an email from one of my all-time favorites.  So, I'm getting really excited for all of you.  And totally humbled that big-time bloggers wouldn't laugh at me for asking them to guest post.

(yeah, I'm still thrilled!)

I need to get going.  I have to go get my purse, remember?  Maybe this old lady blogger can get her butt across campus and log in some minutes for #1800minutechallenge before my next appointment comes in.

Wish me luck!

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  1. So, I relate. The self-loathing, the old lady blogging, the free time that flits away from you... but of course you know that. Thanks for the kick in the pants Mama. You work on the Depends and I'll see if I can get denture cream under our belt. Miss you... still ;)


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