When a Blog is Delightfully Taken Over...

Day Three of the Blog Takeover is here, Loveys!
Today's blogger is one of the sweetest ladies I know.  She is the co-creator of the awesome annual blog conference, Elevate, and has the warmest heart I know.
Enjoy the truly awesome Jen today:)

Hi to all of you beautiful coffee-n-ink readers! 
I'm so excited to be posting on Nay's blog! She has been a dear friend in the blogging world and I'm so glad I had the chance to meet her in real life at Elevate 3 years ago and see her every year since! She is truly a light in this blogging world and I love reading her heart felt posts. 

 My name is Jen and I blog at Delightful Deets
My blog has become my place where I write about anything that is happy and beautiful to me. 
 I love to share style, an occasional craft or makeover, & parties.
I love a good party with an abundance of treats!  

 pinterest quote 

Life is chaotic and amazing. It's everything good and everything frustrating all at the same time. You can feel like a failure and a champion in the same hour. Enjoy the little things because one day you may look back and realize they were big things.

 pink and cream toddler dresses 

Paying attention to the details is what lifts me up and keeps me going. It might be a crazy day where you are rushing to get to soccer and dance and the grocery store and the bank, but for a split second in the rush of things your little girl asks for a messy bun like yours. The world stops. And instead of explaining that your hair is up in a bun because it's day 3 of not washing it and you are wearing work out clothes to run an errand because then you might actually be motivated to work out, you take it as the biggest compliment ever that she wants to look like you and thinks you're beautiful.

 wedding outfits 

It's the time when you are about to pull your hair because his clothes are all over the place and not in the laundry hamper, but when you are making your way to him to tell him for the 47th time where to put them, you find him making a fort and tucking his baby sister into her make believe bed while telling her how cute she is.

 my three babes 

There's a baby full of personality in our house that takes a full cup of water and dumps it, tries to eat toothpaste, is always sneaking fruit snacks, and has stuck her hand in the toilet more times than I'd care to count. When those sweet little arms go around my neck and she says, "mommy, sorry, kiss, hug, high five," I know my heart can't love them anymore. Laughing and smiling makes for a much more patient me. Trying to remember little details makes me appreciate the day to day blessings I have in my life and I try harder to not get boggled down with the bumps along the way. 

Thanks Nay for letting me take over! 

I'm leaving ya'll with a great slush recipe that the kids and I love to make!


Pineapple Sherbet Slush:
My mom and aunts used to make this for bridal showers, baby showers, and some family get togethers.
It’s now really difficult to find pineapple sherbet…trust me. We called around. It must not be very popular, but this is what I was set on making with 7 UP so I made it from scratch.
If you can find it, skip this part:
1 large lemon
2 cups granulated sugar 1 quart half-and-half 1 (15 ounce) can crushed pineapple in juice – I used a 20 oz
1 pint whipping cream
From the lemon remove the zest & chop the zest fine. Squeeze the juice from the lemon into a small bowl. In a small saucepan, heat sugar, half-and-half & zest until sugar is melted, but DO NOT BOIL. Set aside to cool. When sugar mixture is cool, add lemon juice & pineapple and the pineapple juice. Don’t drain. Freeze only until it is frozen an inch or so out from the edge. Spoon the partially frozen mixture into a mixing bowl & beat with electric mixer, before folding in whipping cream & mixing well.
I used a large tupperware container & left it in the freezer overnight.
Use 1 container of sherbet and 3/4 bottle of 7 UP. Whisk together until it’s slushy. If you can’t find the sherbet and make your own, try the same mixture. I’ve been making individuals (4-5 scoops and filling the 7 UP almost to the top of the glass) 

Mrs. J