You are So Beautiful!

{Before I can even start writing today, I want to say thank you for the outpouring of love for yesterday's post.  
Thank you so very much.  Your love and support are amazing.  This is the reason I am unafraid to speak my truth and my story.  My love to all of you.}

A month back or so, I created a pin board for myself called, "Curvy Girls Be Like...", with the purpose of finding cute clothes for girls with my body type.  It was so empowering for me and I've noticed that some pinners are now following this board.  This totally excites me.

I have found so many beautiful outfits while looking for things to pin on this board.  So many inspirational words to add to it as well.  

 I have another board that's called, "I wanna dress like this!", that I put together when I first started pinning.  It was board that I used for inspiration to find outfits for work, but then it became a tool to make me conform to those body shapes that I pinned.  A lot of the women on that board are super skinny or built "just the right way".  Well this mama has never looked like that - even at my lowest weight.  So I thought to myself that there had to be ways to make those outfits work with the curves I have.
momma go round, of course!
I started looking for pins with the label plus-size and most of them were size 10 and 12 - which let me tell you, that was the lowest sizes I've ever been.  I looked really good in those sizes, but I'm just dang lazy to get to that again.  I am a pleasantly plump, curvy girl and needed to feel validated for this body I have.

And so the pinning began.
And hasn't stopped.

We are all different.  There are so many different forms of us.  We are stick thin.  We are bald.  We have long Victoria Secret hair.  We have big booties but no top shelf, so to speak.  And vice versa.  We have stretch marks and surgery scars.  We have only one breast...or none...or implants. We have beauty marks that sprinkle over our bodies.  Or some of us have those marks over our faces like a mask.  We are women that walk our path...or roll on that path...
Some of us even have a bit too many rolls and valleys.

But the message is so clear.
These heavenly bodies were created by Him and we are all so very blessed that He did!

Don't you see?  We are all so very beautiful.  The beauty is in the difference of how we look.  It's amazing the imagination that our Heavenly Father had in creating us.

Be proud of your body.
No curves.
It doesn't matter:)
You are beautiful.
Just reminding you is all.

You're welcome.
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  1. What a wonderful post! Thank you! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. All women are beautiful! Glad you added Momma Go Round!

  3. Dang girl, you make me blush ;) So honored to be any small part of your journey and to be put along side such powerful words.

  4. I absolutely love that mint shirt / jeans / peep toe heel outfit! Off to follow you on Pinterest as well ♥

  5. Great post! Women need this reminder often. Thanks! and you're beautiful too. :)

  6. I like it! I have a heck of a time trying to find clothes that I like. I am going to have to dig you out on Pintrest!


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