{Be Brave}

I want to see if you notice a trend in something I did last Saturday. I didn't even notice that I was doing this before-during-after Elevate, but the common thread rang true.  Do you see it like I do?

Early Saturday morning when I turned on the car, this song came blazing out of the speakers.  That part wasn't weird (I sometimes leave songs on so that I can encourage myself), but what was freaky was that it was on repeat.  Set to repeat without knowing it.

I wore my ~Brave Enough~ ring.  Which again isn't odd since I wear it everyday, but I snapped a pic of it before I drove off to Elevate.  I have a feeling I was trying to remind myself to be just that.

I walk to the Swag table at Elevate and my eye catches this beauty.  I wanted it so bad...so so bad.  I didn't think I'd win it, but I took the pic to show my hubby - hoping to convince him to buy it for me:)  Gorgeous isn't it?  I didn't win it, but someone very special to me did.  My sweet #bloggybestie, Megan, who gave it to me when I dropped her off at her hotel.  What?!  Yes!!!  I couldn't believe it either:) {thank you sweet selfless friend - you don't know how much that gesture meant to me...}

This photo is the bracelet I'm saving up for on the arm of its creator.  Ms. Lisa Leonard - who posed for me to take this pic without batting an eye...like it was the most normal request.  She was...ohgoodness...more on her later.

My sweet newest bloggy bestie...Tausha.  I kept asking to see her tattoo.  I love it.  It speaks to me.  Just like she does, actually.  She said she has it to remind her to be brave. It made me realize something...

I am brave.  I strive to be courageous.  I want to breathe in braveness and exhale strength.  I picked "brave enough" as my words of the year for a reason.  A reason I didn't realize until this week, until I hit publish on yesterday's post...

Today I will be brave.  Today I will be brave enough to be me.  I will be brave everyday after until I brainwash myself to believe without trying to.  I will be unafraid.  I will be courageous.  I will be fearless.  I know those photos I took were no coincidence.  I know they came to me as a reminder.  I know my Father Above had His hand in it.  It screams His teachings - the ones I'm always so stubborn to listen to.  I understand now.  I need to live brave.  I need to breathe brave.  I need to just...

...be brave.  No regrets.  No doubt.  Just.  BRAVE.

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  1. I just wanna see yooooou, see you be brave ;) I love this post Nay, and you! xoxo

  2. Love all the connections to your words you chose for the year! Amazing Nay! Beautiful uplifting post yet again girlfran ♡

  3. Gosh I love this. "be brave" is my life motto. SOOOOO glad to have finally met you. You are ONE OF A KIND Nay. And, i think we should be neighbors.


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