Have a Coffee Date with Me?

Hi loveys,

So I wanted to write a quick post before my computer crashes again.  I had to have the battery replaced on my computer yesterday and it fried the hard drive.  I have someone trying to recover everything, but I have a feeling it won't be possible.  No worries.  I back up most of the important stuff, soooo...

I really want to start my #coffeedate post.  You ready?  Do you have your coffee ready so we can have a quick nice little chit-chat?

If I had the pleasure of having coffee with you today, I'd show you what a gorgeous coffee I had on Saturday morning.  

Isn't it pretty?  One of my little coffee dreams has been to get a pretty styled latte.  When I read about Portola Coffee Lab that Alissa featured on her Local Nods, I had to get my butt over there.  I'm hardly ever in the Orange County area, but Elevate was.  So I made sure to make a pitstop there before heading out to the conference.  You know what happened while I was there?!

I ran into this gorgeous woman.  What a coinky-dink, right?  The girl who I love so dearly and told me about Portola?  True awesomeness right there.  We had a quick coffee chat while we waited for our coffee and it definitely made my morning!  I'm so happy I got a quick #selfie with her before she left.

This week has been pretty good, loveys.  I've let my writing flow on here and I've had the chance to keep connecting with all my #elevatehomies.  I love all the women I've been able to meet from Elevate.  One of these chicas taught us how to take photos better.  So, I took a #selfie this morning while I was thinking of Chrissy's tips on lighting and #selfies.

She taught us at her photography session that usually the best lighting comes from those sliding glass doors we have at home - or by a window.  I've been taking all my at-home #selfies near my windows ever since.  I'm loving how I look after taking twenty million shots - ha!  Add a filter (because I just have to) and voila!  Selfie Awesomeness...

The Hubby loved all your comments on our photo yesterday morning:)  He loves how happy my little community on instagram makes me.  That you all were saying Hi to him yesterday totally validated that.  We took a Starbucks pic this morning that he thought you'd like...

Totally cute, right? Hubby and Wifey havin' their Friday coffee date on the way to work...awwww!

Well, sweet loveys, I know this was a short-n-sweet post, but I can't let a Friday go without having our Coffee Date!

Have a wonderful long 3-day weekend.  Spend time with the ones you care about and take a special minute for yourself, k?  You matter so much and every so often you need to make sure you give yourself a minute of gratitude.  Be grateful for you and how awesome you are!

Happy Friday, lovey.  Be awesome.  See you next week!
(Now head on over to Alissa's for Coffee Date Friday - so happy to have doing the link up again after a short hiatus...)

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  1. That is so cool that you ran into her at coffee and got to chat it up a bit. Love the Starbucks selfie with Hubby. So cute!

  2. I miss you so much Nay! Amazing how one day in the same room can make people feel so bonded to one another.

  3. That IS a coincidence! But oh so neat! I'm a new fan btw. Going back to follow you on social media. ;-)


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