Penelope the Piggie

On the morning of my birthday, a package landed on my doorstep.  Inside the box were a bunch of things from a sweet bloggy friend...but my favorite gift in that box was Penelope the Piggie.  

First off, if you've been reading my blog for a quick minute, you know that Penelope is the name of the main character of my only-started-not-yet-finished book.  But secondly, and so much more important to me these days, is the message behind Penelope the Piggy:

"Penelope the Piggie - 
With her head-strong determination and good fortune, Penelope is the perfect depiction of overcoming impossible odds!  Her personal wager against anyone using the phrase 'When pigs fly!' has brought much abundance and prosperity indeed!" 

This piggie is just fabulous!  Just like us, loveys...just like us.

As I've traveled on this blogging journey, I have noticed (like you may have) how very different, but so much the same, that all of us are.  Most of you, my loveys, are women.  You are single ladies working or going to college.  You are stay-at-home mamas raising the future generation.  You are single mamas exhausted at the day's end.  You are mom-preneurs.  You are working mamas trying to balance it all with grace.  You are women battling depression or anxiety.  You are women who strive to overcome impossible odds and stay positive every day. This is what I love.

I can be feeling down and trying to fake it (like this morning) and I get a morning text from one of you that lifts me up. Or a private instagram message that I am inspiring you.  Or a comment that you enjoy my writing.  Or an email just to say hi and that you are thinking of me.

This blogging journey is filled with so many piggies:)  I mean that in the most adorable and sweet way.  I have "met" so many of you during these last 3 or so years that I count as my closest friends.  When we do meet in person (which has happened a few times), it's like hugging a long lost sister.  It feels right.  The text messages, the instagram hearts, the FB comments, the emails, the comments on here...this is what makes me happy.  Knowing you are reading these words and connecting with me...

This is bliss.  This is friendship.  So, I wanted to take a moment and thank you.

Thank you for coming to visit me here...on FB...on instagram.  Thank you for feeling that connection with me, too.

And that, my lovey, has made all the difference.  A day can start badly, but we can start the day over and be happy...

because of the power of friendship and this amazing place called Blogland...

and a little piggie named Penelope.

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  1. Aww this is such a beautiful post, Penelope sure does carry a punch in a good way x

  2. Awe I love Penelope! What a beautiful message.

  3. Beautiful post!! You have such a way with words, can't wait to read your book when it's finished!

  4. Aw Penelope is such a pretty little piggy! And the message shared here... You nailed it girl! Hope your week gets better!!!

  5. What a prominent piggy! Great message packed into a pig :)

  6. So cute! I love this post & YOU. Ya know, the day I got home from the hospital I had a card in the mail from YOU & I literally sat on the floor and cried. After moving to Arizona - even after a year, I don't have many friends. I turn to the blog land (as crazy as it sounds even as I type it) for the friendships....So THANK YOU for that card, for this post - for your positivity. And you better believe I'm going to squeeze the shit out of you this weekend. XOXO

  7. What a cute piggy! It's always nice to have such wonderful supporters and to feel uplifted by others.

  8. Cuteness! So glad you're in my bloggy circle. :)

  9. she's so cute! and blog circles are really the best!

  10. So much truth and love here Nay! We pigs fly together ;) XOXOOX

  11. Love this. And I agree. Blogland can make all the difference on a rough day.


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