Taking Stock

I was reading Erin and Casey Leigh's blogs, as I do every night, and loved that they both did this type of post inspired by Sydney.  I'm joining in because sometimes it's just nice to sit back, relax, and look at your life by taking stock...

Making:  chocolate cake and cinnamon rolls for the kids and hubby

Cooking: me? nothing...that's what my hubby is so good at - don't want to take that pleasure away from him:)

Drinking: coffee, always coffee...and always best served warm in a mason jar - feels like home.

Reading:  Bossypants by Tina Fey whenever I get a chance

Wanting:  warm out of the oven bread with butter served with a cup of tea and a good can't-put-down book

Looking: for a super cute outfit for Elevate next Saturday

Playing: the role of "blogger" and loving that I can do this in my spare time

Wasting: time, always time

Wishing: I could be sitting on my imaginary porch swing with my kids, swinging and swinging

Enjoying:  nights when I don't have class and just being with my little family

Waiting: until 5pm so that I can walk over to the hubby's office and see him...just see him #totallyinlove

Wondering: what everyone will be doing on Mother's Day - we're doing our usual...MIL coming over, renting some movies and eating...always eating:)
Loving: that my friend at work is back from sick leave #cancersucks #sheismyhero

Hoping: we get a lot of time at the beach this summer...I got a taste last weekend and wish we could have our feet in the sand and water again.

Marveling: at the weather this week in SoCal - wicked hot last week and June-gloomy this week

Needing: to make time to just release writing with no thought...a brain dump, so to speak.

Smelling: my husband this morning before I got out of the car.  I know, I'm weird, but smelling his cologne on his collar makes me happy.

Wearing: the usual office wear - and feeling pretty cute today

Following: my heart

Noticing: how proud I am that I am a part of this beautiful online community

Knowing: God has so many plans for me and be patient until they start happening

Thinking: of Jacqui and Dan so very much and praying every night for them

Feeling: blessed, oh so blessed

Bookmarking:  the last page I read in all the books I'm in the middle of

Opening:  a blank Word document tonight and trying to figure out what to write my term paper on
Giggling: at my hubby last night, this morning, all the time...he always makes me laugh...always has.

Feeling: in love...again.  Is that possible to fall in love with your man every week?

If you do a "taking stock" post, will you let me know?  Put your link in the comments...or just tell me what you're up to lately...
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  1. You and that hubs of yours are the best. Also, if you come visit, I will make you all is the fresh warm bread you can handle. That's a promise.

  2. Love these kinds of post also and was really good getting it down. I think it is possible to fall in love daily weekly monthly even yearly, God bless you both.

  3. love these kinds of posts. i call mine "currently" it just helps you remember what you were doing, different things you were going through. so fun!

  4. I have Bossy Pants on my shelf, but have yet to read it! It's going on the to do list.

  5. I totally would have sarcastically snorted at the falling in love thought yesterday! Not my day! But today, life is good :) Love this ;) Love the beach pictures!! I am jealous!! Our beaches are all pebbly with freezing cold water and lots of seaweed. Still the beach though so can't complain there!! I posted too :) http://www.bitsofsweetness.com/2014/05/taking-stock.html

  6. I am reading Bossy Pants right now too!

  7. I still haven't finishing Bossy Pants! But now it's still in storage so when I get that out, I have to finish. I am also trying to figure out what to pack for Elevate!

  8. How's that book? I'm really curious to know if it's as good as the hype!


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