This is 40!

 Starting your birthday like this...

 Knowing you're never too old for stuffed animals...
Loving the sentiment behind those gnomes and getting lots of jewelry galore...

Opening an envelope and finding your perfect day on paper...

and the perfect note of love...

Having your doorbell ring and the postman hands you a big parcel...
with the beauties inside that show you how much you are thought of.
{Thanks Megs!}

A free birthday drink at Starbucks, so you go big!  Really big! Extra shots of espresso right there!

Taking a selfie - or multiple - because can! 

Going to your favorite restaurant and eating spaghetti with cheese...
Lots of cheese...
Lots and lots of cheese!

Feeling very blessed. 
This is 40.
This is my favorite day of the year - 
the beautiful sweet words on instagram & facebook...
the text messages filled with awesome birthday greetings... 
Everything, just everything made me happy, had me cry happy tears, and made me feel loved.
So very loved.

This is 40.
Awesomely, fearfully, beautifully, wonderfully, lovingly made 40!

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  1. I think I will just like your 40. Come December I don't think I'll be feelin' it too much. You've always made me giggle with you and your b-days. You just adore them! I'm so glad you had a wondermous day!

  2. Milestone 40, Happy Birthday Nay you sound as if so far it was a blast and hope it continues! Hugs

  3. A beautiful start to what promises to be an incredible year!

  4. Happy Birthday :) Hope your next 40 are super awesome!!


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