Unfolding Happiness

Hi there lovey...

I woke everyone up with extra kisses this morning.  Each of them got a little whisper in the ear to say, "It's Friday." Each of them, with their eyes closed, smiled. 

See every morning this week, as I woke up my kids and hubby, they asked, "Is it Friday yet?"  I struggled each morning as they each said, "five more minutes," and still came down stairs, all dressed, to have breakfast with one eye open.  My little family was so different this morning.  They still came downstairs, all dressed, but so much more alert today.  Happy to start a Friday - the day we wait for since Monday.  Weekends are our favorite.  We get to be together.  No school, no work...just waking up when your body wants to, Saturday crepes for breakfast, sitting at the table and talking about our week...my favorite.

Even better, this weekend is Mother's Day.  My kids have been so cute since last night, whispering amongst themselves about the cards they're making at school...and this morning, my son, my Little Love, was so excited saying, "I'm getting mama's flower today!" It made me laugh when he stopped right afterward, all shocked...he can't keep a secret.  He gets so excited with surprises...just like me.  My daughter, my Lovebug, is the total opposite - just like her Daddy.  She just rolled her eyes and shushed him.  {lol}

My day has just started and I have no idea how it will unfold.  I've made it happy so far, though.  I made myself a little mason jar of coffee and dipped a Milano cookie in it.  Yum.  The hubby said we were having Starbucks this morning - he's become addicted to the zebra frapuccinos ha! - and I found a $5 gift card in my wallet.  I didn't use it for myself, though - I just left it with the barista and told her to treat the next person in line.  I didn't get to see who got it, but I hope it made his or her morning much better. 

Today is going to be great because it started off that way.  I hope you have a wonderful Friday and that this weekend is blessed for you and yours.

See you next week.
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  1. I love your positive mindset Nay :) If only all people could wake up this way! Have a fabulous weekend! xo

  2. Weekends are the best and it looks like it will be an extra special weekend for you!

  3. What a great way to wake up! So much joy comes with being together as a family! I am glad you get to enjoy your weekend.

  4. Firstly Happy Mother's for tomorrow and secondly its always nice to wake up happy and i felt the same this week waiting on Friday to come.

  5. Love that attitude. Today is going to be great because it started that way.

  6. Awe! That's awesome that your Friday started out so good! I hope your weekend is going great and that tomorrow is even better!! xoxo


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