When the kids are sick...laugh.

I'm home today.  

Just so you know, I work outside of the home on the daily.  So being home is a rarity for me unless I'm on vacation or sick.  

Well, this time, it's the latter.  Not me, but my littles.  Not one kid sick, but both.  

It's coughing up a storm, snotties, inhalers, cough syrup, chicken noodle soup, and lots of prayer that I don't get what they have.  I know..sounds so selfish.  But I am definitely not a good sick person.  And because my kids came out of me, they are exactly the same way.  They weep and ache and are just miserable. But mama is here to save their day.  I have them all set up on the sofa, cuddled up with their favorite blankies, each of them with a tumbler of OJ, and Ben-10.  Ben-10 is a treat.  They need that today.

You know what I need? Coffee...lots of coffee.  You know what else?  Some humor.  A few laughs to get through the day.

So for your laughing pleasure...(ps: all pins came from my funny ha-ha board...this laptop isn't cooperating much...so look for the sources there, k?)

I need this t-shirt in my life.  I'm Latina and a Disneyland lover...'nuff said.

Since we were on the subject of princesses...

I would've laughed my butt off reading this as a single woman.  Yes, I've sent this to pretty much all my single girls at work when they're talking about Mr. Right.  And yes, they laugh their butts off, too.

Oh, have I done some stupid shit in my lifetime...totally prepared to give you the advice you need to not do said stupid shit in your life.

This.  This rocks my face off...sent this to the hubby once and we had one of those laugh 'til you cry sessions.  
Yeah, that's it...just laughed.

Still not listening, though. This is the reason I decided to wear a long maxi dress to Elevate...it hides all that cheese dip-eatin'...:)  Well, it better!

Right?! Wait, you don't hear voices? I'm the only one!  What the heck?!

Hope you had a good laugh!  Sure helped me.
Now off to blow noses and shower myself with anti-bacterial...
Mama cannot get sick!!!

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  1. Aw I hope your little ones feel better soon and that you stay healthy!! Thanks for the laughs!!

  2. Haha, I love these! Thanks for the laugh :) I can relate to a lot of these. :) I think you definitely need to get the Disney Princess shirt ;)

  3. hahaha thanks for the laughs. I don't think I can get Taco Belle out of my head now.

  4. Hope your little ones feel better... I know the feeling of helplessness! xo

  5. Hahahaha not laughed this hard in a while x

  6. Don't you dare get sick before Elevate! I'd be wearing a protective suit and breathing mask. I catch EVERYTHING. Hoping all the rest and cuddles makes them feel better! XOXO

  7. Hahaha these are so good! Sorry that the kiddos are sick, hope they recover quickly.

  8. I hope they're feeling better soon and OMG I love the Daffy Duck one. Totally me!

  9. SO HILARIOUS. I needed a laugh today! Hoping your littles are feeling better.... and cheese dip.... yeah.........

  10. Love these! So funny. Hopefully the kiddos start feeling better soon!! Sick kids aren't fun for anybody. :-/

  11. Wow, those are what I needed today! Thanks for the laughs!

  12. Hope they feel better soon! I'm a rubbish sick person too!

  13. These are great Nay! And I could go for some cheese dip right about now!


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