Coffee-Induced Gratefulness (TIGF)

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Brazilian-Influenced Music.  I grew up listening to a vast array of music.  My Papa influenced my musical taste when it came to anything Latin or European.  He listened to Argentine tango, Italian arias, South American cumbias or Salsa, Música Criolla from Perú, and a lot of rhythmic Brazilian songs from the 70s era.  Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 were a staple in my household.  When I want to relax or feel motivated, I turn on my Pandora station and let the brazilian-influenced tunes embrace me.  I chill and can be ready for anything that hits me.  Today I'm doing just that.  "Más Que Nada" comes on, I smile.  That's our song, my Papa and I.  That was our Father-Daughter dance at my wedding - the dance where I saw the look of pride in my father's eyes for me.  Bliss.

Prayer When Needed.  Last night I felt bombarded with negative feelings.  I had a good day - an easy-going day with no worries at all.  Around bedtime, I felt like I was being whipped by my mind's hurtful waves.  I needed prayer.  I needed good vibes sent to my rescue.  I reached out on Instagram and asked for prayer.  I have no shame in putting my issues out there for the community to see.  I know I'm not the only one that gets depressed or anxious.  I was just being real because I couldn't do it alone.  I need my friends and blog family to rescue me.  I felt all those prayers and good old-fashioned love that was sent to me.  I slept well and woke up grateful.  Thank you.

A New Weekend to Come.  When five o'clock hits today, my weekend will be begin.  I don't have any specific plans.  I just know it will be good.  Why?  I will be with my little tribe.  The one my hubby and I created - and when I am with my three favorites all is right in the world.  I can exhale.

You.  My loveys, new and old.  You are the foundation of this blog.  Without you, my sweet readers, this place would be empty.  I love that you come here - to read what I write, to feel encouraged here, to feel empowered.  I strive to be a positive part in your day because, lovey, you do that for me.  So much love for you all.  My daughter and son, in the future you will read this and I hope you have an insight on what Mommy's life was like.  I love you.  You made me who I am today.  Both of you make me the happiest.  You are such a blessing to Daddy and me.  Smile while you read this.  You were my inspiration for this place. Besitos.

What are you grateful for this week?

Have a beautiful and exquisite day, loveys.  Make each moment count and smile.  Smiles make a world of difference. ♥

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  1. I like this. I really like these kinds of posts and maybe I'll join in next week. I'm glad your prayers were answered. I sent one up for you.

  2. New weeks always give me something to look forward to! I always love the idea of being able to start fresh, even if it is just another day and another week of the year.


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