High Five for Gratefulness on a Friday!

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Today's post inspired and linked to these fabulous bloggers: Ashley, Laura, and Lauren Elizabeth :)

I have noticed that Ashley and Laura write a post every Friday about the things they are grateful for and I wanted to somehow do the same thing this week.  They both inspired me so much these last few weeks with those posts, so I thought I'd incorporate it into Lauren Elizabeth's High Five for Friday!

Wonderful Coworkers.  I had mentioned to a girlfriend at work that we'd be taking a week off before the kids go back to school and that we were trying to figure out what to do that week.  I knew we would probably go to Disneyland on one of those days, but that was pretty much it.  So, this morning she comes up to me and says that she made us reservations at her time-share in Palm Springs!!  All I have to pay for is the reservation guarantee of less than $100 and it ours for 3 glorious days:):):):)  The generosity of my co-worker is pretty dang awesome!

7-Eleven Slurpees.  Today is July 11th, right?  Did you know that if you have a 7-Eleven where you live, you get a free slurpee today?!  The kids are going to be thrilled when we pick them up from day camp and head on over to cool ourselves off with a slurpee.  It'll be the beginning of a great Friday night, because tonight we're going to test out our new air mattresses.  We're going to put them in the living room and have a pretend camp-out.  The kids have no idea, but they are going to be so excited!

Good books.  As I mentioned yesterday, I received a book that I am so engrossed in lately.  I don't get a lot of time to read throughout the day, but on the drive into work each morning I can get 10-15 pages in.  Just enough, pretty much a chapter.  I can't wait to tell you more about it when I do that review.  Give me another week or so and it'll be on.  Yesterday I received a book from Random House, too and it sounds really good.  It's from the author whose books inspired the tv series, Bones.  Sounds really suspenseful and a can't-put-down kinda book - so YAY!

Comments and text messages & a Guest Post.  Thank you so much for commenting on my blog posts this week.  They make me really happy.  Although I've been super busy at work this week, I do read them all and plan on responding this weekend.  Expect an email from me:)  I've been blessed with some really great text messages this week.  Receiving a text message that says that I'm being thought of or that I am loved is just...there are no words.  More feelings than anything.  I feel validated.  Thank you - you know who you are.  Also, yesterday I was featured on Kristine's blog with a guest post!  It was an out-of-my-comfort-zone kind of a post since I posted a recipe for Filipino food.  But it was fun to write!

Daily #Selfie Morning Ritual.  This week I made it a point to take a #selfie every morning and post it on Instagram.  I even got caught in the act by my husband - busted!  These photos I take of myself make me feel confident and happy.  They help me see how beautiful I am and bring out a lot of positivity for myself.  I'm usually really cruel to myself about my appearance - I know, isn't that the stupidest thing!? - but I've noticed that taking a #selfie once in a while makes me feel good.  Really good.  That's what matters, right?

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!  I'll let you know how that "camping out" goes tonight and then hope to post some pics of a Dodger game we're going to tomorrow night.  Good things...all good and so very grateful things!

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  1. Nay, I took a mini vacation from social media and have been unplugged for about a month....long story, but every now, I just need it. Anywho....I am plugged in again and catching up with you on Instagram/your blog has been something that has made my day! I needed this positivty and I 'm so grateful to have stumbled upon you on Instagram. In honor of your post on things you're grateful for I will add this: I am thankful that there are positive and empowering women like you out there in my cyber world. One of the reasons I take breaks from social media is that I allow it to be a force for negative thinking for me sometimes. Having bloggers like you to "follow" remind me of the good things out there to be found in social media. Thanks for being YOU Nay!!!

  2. OMG that time share sounds amazing, I am jealous! Yay for awesome coworkers, sometimes they're hard to find!


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