The Post that Just Is

Oh, how I love that.  Realness.  

No, I'm not going to talk about being sexy today.  I actually have no idea what to talk about today.  I saw that photo by Ryan McGuire and then the quote by Lena Dunham and just put it together to share with you.  That's all, really - just that simple.

It's been such a great, simply easy week.  When I say "easy" I really mean that it was easy on my mind this week.  My goal was to force myself to be positive and happy.  When something attacked my mind, I would just stop and say to myself, "you are happy."  It has worked amazingly well.  What usually would drive me bonkers or have me endlessly worrying, hasn't.  It's been a blessing I've given myself this week.  It feels good.

I haven't worried about what I'm going to wear for work each morning - just picking what makes me feel comfortable and pretty.  Just by doing that one thing in the morning has made me feel so good and,  A confident kind of sexy - the kind of sexy that makes you hold your head up a little higher while you're walking around in the world.

I have also given myself a gift every night when I come home from work.  A shower.  It's amazing what water does for me.  After being in an office all day and walking through campus in the heat during lunch or on my way to the hubby's office, taking a shower at the end of the day makes such a wonderful difference.  I'm refreshed and ready for dinner and the rest of my night.  It's washing away all the grime of the day and see it go down the drain.  It's good, so good.

Although I haven't been journaling like I promised myself I would, I have been reading.  I was sent a book from a new screenwriter-turned-novelist and I am really loving how immersed I have gotten into another world.  When I'm done reading it, I'll be reviewing the novel so that you can see what I thought.

It's just been a tremendously good few days in my life.  It's been real.  It's been sexy (lol, didn't I say I wouldn't talk about being sexy. ha!)  It's been happy...and I think I'm kinda loving it.

How's your week going?  Hope you're having a great one, as well.  I'll get going now - thanks for reading my babble of the morning.  Off to drink some more coffee and get ready for another busy workday.  xo

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  1. I absolutely love this post. Such simple things with such powerful outcomes. Being happy can be so hard at times, but just focusing on the simple things you can do to make it better is so worth it. So glad this week has been a happy one for you! :)

  2. This is such a great attitude to have and I'm glad you're sticking with it and that it's working for you!! :) By the way, I know how you feel about water, I'm a shower fanatic and it's amazing what a shower can do for a person! Love ya girly! I'm happy to see you happy!


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