From Bad to Good

It feels weird.
It feels weird to be back here and write after being away for so long.  I really don't know why I stopped writing last week.  My week was such a bad one.  Just when my period began to go away on Friday, life wrecked a little more havoc.

I woke up on Friday to flooding in my kitchen again.  The wall connecting the living room and kitchen pantry had a broken pipe in it.  After calling the landlord and turning off our water, I had to drive into work...later than usual.  My husband had stayed behind to mop up the excess water and take the kids to day camp because I had a early meeting at work.  What happens as I drive t work?  I get a ticket.  Yup, a ticket for going a little too fast, but you would think I was going 80 miles per hour or something with the way the cop was treating me.  A jerk would have been a nice thing to call him.

That was the beginning of my Friday.  I rushed all day getting work done because I was taking a vacation day on Monday.  Our weekend was okay if you think okay is not having the water on unless you needed to take a shower or go to the bathroom.  I slept a lot of the weekend being exhausted after an emotionally draining week.

But my hubby is so smart!  He figured out that the only time the wall leaked and the floor flooded was when the hot water was on.  So, by Sunday night, we at least were able to have cold water.  Life got better.  Much better.

I took Monday off from work and the kids went to day camp as usual.  My hubby gets every other Monday off and we had made plans to go to lunch and see a movie.  Well, happily, that didn't happen.  We got take out and watched old episodes of House all day and just cuddled.  It was nice to just be the two of us.  We rarely get the chance to just be the two of us, no kids...just. the. two. of. us.  It was blissful.  We held hands. We cuddled and laughed.  I fell in love again.

Monday reminded me of what it was like before my phone was my lifeline.  Before social media took over my free hours.  I enjoyed just being unplugged, reading a book, enjoying good meals without snapping photos of it, and just being with my husband and little ones.

I got back to work yesterday with a full load of work to do, but with a bit of renewed purpose.  I thought of my husband all day and couldn't wait to see him after work.  Our floor got taken care of - just waiting for the cement to harden and put the carpet back on.  But seeing him yesterday, holding his hand as we drove home, knowing we would spend the last waking hours of the day together with the two children we life is good.

It was a bad week last week, but this week looks so much more promising.  I look forward to being back here - maybe not as "plugged" as I usually am, but back.

Have a beautiful day, lovey.  How have you been?  I missed you:)

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  1. Even tho I'm all about unplugging I sure missed ya! So sorry you had a crappy week :( Your day date with Marv sounds dreamy!

  2. Sorry you had a crummy week. Hope this week is looking up!

  3. Hanging out watching House and eating take out sounds like a perfect way to hang out with your hubby. My hubby isn't so into House but loves telling our Foster Son over and over "It's not lupus!" (We do it on purpose now because it winds him up lol.

    So sorry about the rubbish bit of the week :( hope this week is going better for you.

  4. Unplugging is so important. I have started to do it more often. Although, I do feel a bit guilty about it I try not to. I just need that time in the "real world". I am glad that even though things where bad last week you managed to still find some good in it. :)

  5. I'm so sorry to hear about your week! But it sounds like a lot of good came from it which is the most important thing. I always have so much more appreciation for my life, my husband, our family, our house and just everything I've done in general after I unplug. Something about that peace and solitude away from the constant energy needed for technology just gives fills me up. I need to do it more :) I missed you!

  6. Unplugging to read a book is by far my favorite reason to unplug. Maybe it's the writer in me, but I just LOVE getting lost in a story! Hope this next week turns out better!


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