Scenes from a Short Story

Hi loveys,
I wanted to share some of my writing with you.  When I blogged at Cover 2 Cover, in the beginning, I used to join a writing prompt link-up.  Every week the link-up host would give you a word and then you could write a mini-clip, poetry, short story - anything you wanted.
For three consecutive weeks, I wrote.  It was great.  Here are the three scenes I wrote.
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Scene 1 - Sense
She ran her fingers around her round stomach.  In less than three weeks, there would be a new person in her world.  She could feel as this new being bumped around her rib cage, shaping itself inside of her. 

Usually right before lunchtime, the baby would get all riled up.  The cravings for her usual, tuna on rye, would creep up on her and she would have a sense of emergency to go to her favorite deli right around the corner from her loft.

She could have asked for someone to go get a sandwich for her so she wouldn't have to waddle the half-block there, but there was never anyone to ask.  The "father" of this baby was long gone.  The day she told her boyfriend she was pregnant, his look dropped to the floor.  She knew right at that moment the result of what her life would be like from that moment on.  She made the decision at that exact moment to have this child on her own.

Her mother had done it, so there was no reason she couldn't do it herself.  The last eight months had been filled with elation from the first moment she felt the first movements of the baby.  There were times that she had a sense of dread that she would be doing this alone and without anyone's help, but then the baby would tumble around inside of her as if letting her know that everything would turn out fine.

She grabbed the arms of the chair she sat on and with one big breath stood upright.  Getting her keys and a few dollars for the sandwich, she walked out the door to start the short trek to the deli.

It was a sunny and breezy day in January.  The air smelled sweet and fresh, her favorite time of the year.  She was happy that the baby would be born during her favorite season.  Birthdays would be celebrated in little parks in the area.  Her child's hair would blow in the wind as he or she (she wanted this to be a surprise) blew the candles.  She could already hear her little one's giggles as she would cut the cake.  She was ecstatic for those days to come.

Walking towards the deli, she felt as though the baby was having a tantrum.  It was as though the baby were hurrying her to be fed.  Then she felt something she could never have imagined.  Peace filled her and she felt a sort of white cloud surround her.

She stumbled on a crack on the sidewalk and fell on her stomach.  She looked down and saw a puddle of blood and water around her.  And something else, as well...


©Renée T. Soriano, all rights reserved.
Scene 2 - Water

“Call me…please”
“Give me a chance to explain.”
“Why are you doing this to us? Please call…”
“I can’t understand why you are acting like this. Are you going through with it? I need to know!”
“I can’t believe you! I need to know what’s happening!”
“Where are you? You moved?! You just leave like a selfish piece of…”

As he stood in the shower, water trickling down his back, he thought of all those text messages and unanswered voice mails he left her. She didn’t give him a chance to answer, ever.

“I’m pregnant,” she said. He could only look down, shock going through his head. When he looked up, she was walking out the door. He ran after her. How could he not? He hadn’t responded fast enough and now he saw her walking away, furious. He knew that she was this way, too fast to react to anything he ever said or if his body language betrayed him.

Months went by with him trying to get in touch with her. He went to her mother’s house, but all that wretched, self-serving matriarch could say was, “She’s not her no more and she don’t want nothin’ to do with you. You done her wrong just like her Daddy!”

That woman! “I raised her all by myself. Never needed no man to get in the way of me and my baby.” She brainwashed her daughter to think all men leave. But they were only seventeen! What was he supposed to say to, “I’m pregnant”? Jump up in the air for joy?

For weeks all he could think of was her. Her smile, her long curly hair wrapped around his finger when they made love, the way she would tease him, the way she could light up his world when she looked at him across the school halls. They met by chance. They were from different circles in school. They weren’t supposed to be “together”. That’s what all his friends would tell him.

“She’s nothing but trouble.”
“Why do you wanna mess with white trash like that?”
“You could have anyone here and you want her?"

Yes, he wanted her and he got her. It wasn’t easy. She was tough to get to know or even try to talk to. But, he did it and he couldn’t remember how. All he knew was that she was gone now. She couldn’t be found. It was as though she was water going down the drain of that shower. Lost…

But he wasn’t going to lose. That wasn’t his style. He may not be ready to be a father, but he wasn’t going to lose this fight. She wanted to be found. She always wanted to be found.  And he was the one who would make sure that water wouldn’t go down that drain to nowhere.

He would find a way to get every single drop in a bottle where he could keep her close to him forever.

With or without that baby…

©Renée T. Soriano, all rights reserved.
Scene 3 - Survival

"I'm a Survivor" is blaring off the stereo and bouncing off the walls.  I am free!  I survived!  I don't have a care in the world!

After I told him about the baby, and his reaction, I just walked out.  Walked out on him without a care in the world.  I didn't feel alone any longer.  For the next nine months, I'm not by myself.  I have this baby inside of me.

He's texted me, left countless pleading voice mails, and all I wanted to do is run!  Run as far as the wind will take me, far enough away from him, my mother, everyone.  My mother...

Her reaction, I think, hurt me more than his ever did, anyway.  Literally, it hurt more.  This time she only focused on my legs and stomach, until I was so afraid that I threw her against the wall.  I ran towards my tiny room, took out my hidden "survival" money jar, and ran out of that hell hole...forever.

I never looked back.  This baby has been everything I needed.  He or she has saved me from her, from Daddy, from all those rotten kids at school...and thank goodness, I'm eighteen!  No one can tell me what to do anymore.  I knew saving, not spending a dime on anything, saving every nickel of my allowance, would help me one day.  My "survival" money...and I am definitely, maybe barely, surviving on it.

But, for some reason, and I don't know how or why, I am making it.  No one would ever know that I've been planning this all along.  Although my plan had the father of this baby in place, it's no matter.  That little dip in the road can be patched up easily.

I'm not showing yet, so I'll find someone.  Tell him it's his baby...yeah, that's it!  I fooled the first one, I can deceive another.  My mother didn't raise a fool, that's for sure.  She did it to my "Daddy," I can do it as well.  If it's one thing, she taught me is that everyday a sucker is born.

I do feel a little tiny bit guilty, not that much, but a little.  He thought it was his baby!  His!  I do feel sorry for him, though.  He must be downright depressed right now thinking he's lost me, his "little lost cause".  Oh, how he thought he had saved me by having me be his girl.  But it was all part of my plan and it worked just as I thought it would.

Poor him.  Poor, poor him.  Well, now he knows what every ounce of my body felt living this life God gave me.  Every single day, I've been beaten.  He knew it and he never did anything to help me.  But, I got back at him, didn't I?  It wasn't hard to find someone to knock me up.  It was a bit difficult, I must admit, lying to him. 

I have to stop thinking about him.  He isn't important.  What's important is that I got out of there and I'm starting the life I was supposed to have.  My real life with my baby making everything just the way it's supposed to be...real.

Survival is the key.  Surviving with this baby and making sure I give it the life I always wanted.

©Renée T. Soriano, all rights reserved.  


  1. Your writing is... wow. I want to find out what's going to happen! This is such a tease. Please keep writing. It's awesome.

  2. Great job, NAY!! Keep writing. Even it's just the short scenes. Because they will come together and tell a story!

  3. Love your writing! I miss writing like this - I only used to do it when I was in school because I had a reason to. Now, I think I just need to make a reason to. Definitely keep sharing your writing!


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