That Night I Spent with Sara Bareilles

My dream came true last night.  I got to spend the night with Sara Bareilles.  Oh loveys, it made my soul full and my heart happy.

As you know, or you'll find out if you're new here, my words for 2014 were Brave Enough.  I vowed to myself to be brave enough to be me, write my truth, and let my words go unfiltered on this space of mine.  I have told my story unashamed.  I have talked about my depression and anxiety.  I have written about the love I have in my life. I said what my heart needed on any given day.  I have been, for once in my life, BRAVE ENOUGH.

As soon as I announced what my words of the year were the outpouring of love from you came full throttle.  I received love and acceptance from so many of you loveys.  I got my anthem of the year from one of my dearest blog friends.  She gave me the lyrics of Brave in a comment one day and that song skyrocketed my feelings of worth and of finally being enough.

Later a sweet friend from high school, Brenda,  gifted me pretty much all of Sara Bareilles' CDs and they have been heard religiously since.  Each and every song of The Blessed Unrest has resonated with me.  I have cried with the lyrics written by this down-to-earth, full-of-sass songstress.  Her music has enveloped me in understanding and strength.

So, you can imagine that when I found out Sara B would be in Los Angeles, I was thrilled.  More that thrilled, ecstatic!  Brenda texted me as soon we found out the date of the concert and, yet again, gifted me with a concert date to see the fabulous Ms. Sara B.

Oh my goodness, loveys!  The performance was just awesome.  I sang along to every single song.  I cried silent tears when I heard all the songs I had been listening all these months.  But when she sang Brave...

...I felt - I can't even put it into words.  I felt like each and every one of you were standing next to me.  I felt my heart get full.  I felt redeemed.  My song...Sara Bareilles sang Brave and I was done for.  It was exquisite.  It was more than words could explain.

Spending the night with Sara Bareilles was just what the doctor ordered.  I still have a hangover from listening to her songs, absorbing each lyric, and feeling that ultimate feeling.

That feeling of being Brave Enough.
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  1. I love that song too. But Love Song is my favourite. Glad you had a good time.

  2. Wonderful! I wish there was a way she could read this post!

  3. Concerts are the best! I remember when I saw Katy Perry 6 years ago. She was so new it was general admission and I stood in the front!

  4. This sounds like such a great night! SO glad you were able to have such a beautiful night :)

  5. I so wish I could have gone with you! How amazing that must have been!!!

  6. Sounds like a wonderful night! (And I love Brave too!)

  7. I love her! I would love to see her live!

  8. that's so awesome you got to go to her concert! I really only know two songs from her, but they're both excellent!


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