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Hi loveys!
I'm back - didn't think I'd be gone this long, but whoa!  It has been a whirlwind of interesting stuff these last two weeks!
Let's get back you up to speed, shall we?  Today is TIGF: Things I'm Grateful For, too!

Vacation.  All of last week, the four of us enjoyed a nice break from life before school started.  We went to Palm Springs for two days where the temperatures hit 111 degrees on all of the days, but the pool was very refreshing.  The next two days were spent at the happiest place(s) on earth, Disneyland and California Adventure.  We were there from the moment the parks opened until well into the night.  Friday, was rest day and Saturday, was filled with watching TMNT and my godson's 3rd birthday.  So grateful for the time off and being able to take in all the love that these three give me.

Back to School.  Just had to show you the cutest 5th grader and 3rd grader.  They've had such a great first week!

The Sickies.  This is the after picture of how I was this week.  I got my monthly visit on Sunday night and the following day started to feel like I had really bad allergies.  Unfortunately, the allergies turned into a full on head cold.  Think:  Nay in bed for two straight days, sniffling, coughing, and crying.  I am the worst sick person on the planet.  How is this something I'm grateful for? Well, it didn't last forever.  I got to rest this weary body and catch up on Orange is the New Black.  I feel like myself again.

College Mama.  It has started again.  Thankfully this semester is going to be awesome.  I put myself into that mindset as soon as I walked into my Economics class this Wednesday.  I also said a silent prayer as I sat at my desk, and boy did it work.  I have a great professor who actually teaches instead of just standing at a podium reading notes to the students! Big points there.  Yes, there is a lot of reading and homework with a quiz every week, but it will be my only class this semester.  So I'm ready.  I've already finished the two chapters I had to read yesterday with the Hubby explaining things I was totally confused about.  I'm going to put my best foot forward and do this thing!

PSL. What's better than just a regular Friday?  A regular Friday that turns into a PSL Friday before a three-day weekend!  Oh that first sip was amazing, lovey!  Today is going to be busy since I've been out pretty much all week, but my PSL and slice of lemon loaf cake is going to make it fricken awesome!!  Hopefully, we'll get out early today at work so I can start enjoying my Labor Day weekend.  We're going camping!  I am def not a camping person, but hey you gotta try, right? LOL  Wish me luck that I don't get eaten by a bear!

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  1. YAY for enjoying your vacation time! Ya'll are so cute! And seriously wish I looked like that when I'm battling a cold. It ain't pretty that's for sure. XO

  2. That is definitely my kind of vacation! Glad you enjoyed some time off. :)

  3. I'm also taking econ this semester, except I'm doing Micro. You are going to rock it, girl!


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