I'm Ready...He's waited long enough.

I'm craving some peace from what only a crisp Autumn morning can give.  I want to sit on the porch of an old Southern plantation home and wrap myself up in a blanket.  I want to look out onto the land and feel the Fall breeze fly through my hair.  I want to be there when the sun rises and give thanks for my life.

I crave some one-ness with myself and my Higher Power.  A moment to sit and read His Word - flip through His Book and land on the verses that need to be read.  I want to feel the peace and love that only He can give me.  The love of the One who created me and gave me life for just a tiny moment.  I want to imagine that one day I will have the chance to have that one moment.  That moment should be now.

I may not have the chance to spend an Autumn morning on a Southern plantation like I always have wanted.  I may never walk the streets of Venice and explore what my writing craves.  I may never sit on a balcony over a Spanish plaza scribbling down every thought my soul can imagine.  I may never visit these places of my dreams.  But I am able to dream them.  I am able to transport myself to these places because He gave me the imagination to do so.

He created in me a person with so many thoughts, so many words to let out.  He gave me a voice through my words where I can explore the places in my mind and visit these places I have never been.  He made me.  
That just puts me in awe.  
He felt the need to create me because He knew my life meant something.  He knew that I would add to this world.  Just knowing that, knowing that I am enough in His eyes, is enough.  I'm enough because He says I am.
I crave some time to be alone with just Him.  A moment to talk with Him about everything: about the life I had growing up, the adventure of this life He has given me, and to reflect on the decisions - the twists and turns - I have made with this life.  I would ask Him what He wants me to do next.  I would tell Him that I want to be the best person I can be, the person He created me to be.
I found out this weekend that I need to begin my relationship, heart and soul, with Him.  He has waited long enough for me to write these words.  He has waited long enough for the prayers I sent to him last night.  I didn't ask for anything last night.  I told him things.  I rested in Him knowing that I am enough.  He made me just the way He wanted.  He makes no mistakes.
I'm ready.  Ready, willing, and finally able to put my heart in His hands.  I put my life in Your Hands, Father.  Do with it as You will.
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  1. This is a wonderful post. Keep walking in His light. It does you so good!


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