You are pretty wonderful, you know that?

You get yourself up every morning, ready for a new day.  You get the kids' breakfast made, pack up their school snacks, lay out their school uniforms, make work lunches for you and your hubby, get everyone fed and out the door in record time.  

You grab a coffee on the way to work and read your Econ text while the hubby drives.  You work your 8-5, fitting in lunch between meetings, and try to take a break here and there to see if you can get some homework done.  You get inspired by the life around you and write a blog post.  You snap photos of your coffee, lunch, and maybe a selfie here and there to keep your blog friends up to date on your life.  

The work day ends, you drive home with the hubby and get more Econ reading in, get the kids from after-school care, showers, dinner, cuddle time, and then put the kids to sleep.  You put the laundry in the dryer, wash dishes, cuddle with the hubby a little, and then you sleep.

You are pretty wonderful, you know that?  

There is more in your everyday than just the words I just typed out up there.  

You get it done.  You fit in work, school, family, love, children, friends, and so much more in this life of yours.  You are doing an amazing job.  I'm proud of you.

Each and every one of our lives are different.  I know that.  Some of us are way busier than others.  We have so much on our plates - the stress, the hustle and bustle - but then, out of the blue, beneath all those tired moments of busyness, there are those quiet moments were you get to kick up your feet and exhale.

You look at this life you have created and feel good.  You are your own brand of fabulousness and you can do anything.  There is nothing that can get in the way of this absolute phenomenal life that you have.  

It makes me happy to know that.  You have been through some ups and downs in your life.  You've struggled like so many of us before you.  You have felt at times like you want more but don't know how to get to it.  But you persevere.

You stand up, get going, and fight.  You make this life worth living.  You are loved.  You are strong.  You are brave.  Every single day...

We are pretty wonderful, right?!  

This was as much for me as it is for us.  That "Us" that knows that when it gets rough out there, or we feel like we can't put one more step in front of the other, that "Us" just knows.  

"Us" knows we have each other.  We know that the grass is greener where you water it.  We know we can do this thing!

We've got each other.  We have each others' backs and it feels good to know that you are there for me.  I'm there for you too, babe.

Don'tcha forget it, you wonderful woman, you! 

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  1. Your beautiful post DID make me kick up my feet just so I could take the time to enjoy it. ;) Thank you!!

  2. You're just as fab lady! Thank you for reminding me that I am pretty wonderful. I think somedays when things are going wrong or not the way I planned it's easy to get bogged down in the negative rather than focusing on the positives - you know maybe not making it to the supermarket until later in the day was actually a good thing because I got more hugs with Jaxon or something like that.

  3. Great post, it is so important to sit back and remind ourselves of those little things that make us great!

  4. How lovely - just what I needed! Happy Tuesday xxx

  5. Such a beautiful post. And a much needed reminder for everyone :)

  6. Can I sit like that forever? As always, your blog post again has put a smile on my face. :)

  7. Great pep talk! Something we all need to hear.

  8. GREAT post and wonderful reminder to stop and remember all that we do. Thanks for the smile.

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    \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 This is a great post! I think as Moms or women that we try to do it all and sometimes we're hard in iurselves when we forget something or something doesn't go as planned. Really enjoyed this. Thank you for reminding me that I am pretty wonderful}

  10. what an awesome reminder from an even awesomer lady!


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