A Fabulous, Powerful Mess


I know I wrote before that I have the power to say No.  I've written that sometimes I just can't take one more thing.  That was a hard post to write.  But it was how I was feeling at that point in time. 

But, I've come to realize something lately. 

My plate is so full.  With working, going to college, being a wife and mother - my life is a fabulous mess.  Yes, it's good that I have all these things going on.  I get so very overwhelmed with it all, but this full plate?  Well, it's worth it.

See, what this full plate shows me is that I have power.  I have the power to handle a lot of things and do them well.  I love what I do in my work life and the kind of wife and mother I am.  School should be over in a few short years and I'll look back on this time in my life with awe.  I'll be able to say that I accomplished so much.  I had the power to get things done.  Yes, I may have felt overwhelmed a lot of the time, but bottom line, I did it.

I can't wait until the day I walk on that stage and receive my bachelor's degree.  I can't wait to share that day with my family.  I anticipate that at that point in my life, I will look myself in the mirror and see a powerful woman.

Not because I got a degree.  Not because I've been working at the same job for close to 15 years.  Not even because I married the perfect person for me and had two beautiful children.  No, not because of those things.  Although each of those things are very important, what I'll see in that mirror is someone who perservered.

I've made something of myself with or without that degree.  I am a good, reliable, efficient person with or without this job I work full-time at.  I have survived life.  One single, baby step at a time...my entire life has been made up of being powerful.

I was powerful when I spoke up against the abuse.  I was powerful when I was able to say no to relationships that weren't for me, but only against me.  I was powerful when I married my husband and had my children despite what judgement I received because of it.  I was powerful and still am.  I'm so proud of who I've become and what I've gone through to get here.

Yes, my plate is full, but I can handle it.  I have the power to do anything that I put my heart and soul into.  We all do, don't we?

We all can do what we need to so that we can feel that power inside of us.  Don't be afraid of failing.  That's the worse thing you can do.  Just try.  Try your hardest and, as I've always said to you:  As long as you try and even if you fail, at least you tried.

I try everyday.  I try to be the best person I can.  Yes, I have bad days.  We all do.  I just pick myself up again and try all over again.  Power, loveys.

Feel that power within you.  That power that says you can do it - you've had the power all along, my dear. :)

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  1. I love this and I want to be there when you walk across that stage!!!


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