Day Two: Love is Kind #bloggerlovedare

I thought long and hard about what I would write today.  When Tausha first approached me about joining in on The Love Dare, I was really happy about it.  Who doesn't want to strengthen their marriage?  Who wouldn't want to do things for their special someone to show them how much they love that person?

I definitely did and always do.

My husband is my anchor.  He is my rock.  He is the person who has stuck by me for over twenty-five years.  He makes me laugh.  He gives me the love that I always hoped for.  He is my blessing.

I'm not here to preach about how you should treat your husband.  I'm not here to tell you that I've perfected the world of marriage.  I'm only here to tell you that kindness is what works.

Thinking of doing little things for my husband that will make him smile turns me on. Sounds weird, right?  But when he's happy and knows how much I love him, it's the biggest turn-on there is.  With little gestures of love and kindness, he knows I am all his.  I am his forever.

I make sure he knows that all day, every day.

It's the little things.  See, in our home, the chores are separated by who likes to do what.  He's the one that washes the dishes, vacuums, washes/dries/folds the laundry.  I don't like to do those things and he doesn't mind.  I do all the things he hates to do.  It works.  So, when I know that he's had a long day at work and just doesn't want to do one more thing, I do it.  I don't wait to be asked.  I just go for it.  First.  I do these things because I know how hard it is to work all day and then come home to the second shift.  I will put myself second so that he comes first.

In marriage, it's what we do.  It doesn't mean that he's more important than I am.  It means that we are a team.  In a team, every player works to get the job done.  I will always be a team player in this marriage and I know he is, too.  There is no other team I would rather be a player on.

Celebrate Kindness!  Show your spouse how much you care and love him by doing things.  Not because you're asked to, but because you care enough to do them.  It makes all the difference in a marriage.  It works.  I promise.

 Sent this to my hubby last night.  Perfectly worded.  Maybe you can share this with yours today. photo sign_zps1f6c5c85.jpg
Tomorrow my girl, Leanne, is taking on Day Three.  I know you'll love what you read there.


  1. Such a great reminder! Is it weird that what turns you on turns me on haha! One of my favs is when he asks for where something is and I know right away. It's a win win for everyone. Great post Nay!

  2. Aw love this post! Words are so very powerful and better yet- free! I love leaving post it notes for the hubs to find (except it's been like a year since I've left any! I should get on that!)


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