Free Time Gratefulness {TIGF}


I had a rare moment at home yesterday.  It was freaking wonderful!

Since I work 8-5 every weekday, it's a grateful moment when I can be off work for a couple of hours.  My daughter had an ortho appointment yesterday, so I got off work and stayed home with my son while Daddy took her to the orthodontist.  Two whole hours to be able to do anything I wanted while my son was reading at my side.

I got the dishes done and put some of the dinner to start and then freedom.  Freedom is very rare these days. I am always so on the go-go-go, that just knowing I had two hours to do stuff I want was so cool.  So, what did I do after the little fast chores?

I wrote!

I had forgotten what it was like to just let my run free across a page.  I had forgotten what it was like to do anything I wanted.  I wrote and wrote freely, without the inner criticism.  It was exactly what this mama needed.

This is one of the many things I was grateful for this week.

What else am I grateful for, you ask?
  • Group text messages from my blog #soulsistas.
  • Grocery shopping after a few tight on the budget weeks.
  • The #bloggerlovedare and realizing how strong my marriage is.
  • A "just because I love you" hug from my son.
  • Good night cuddles with my daughter.
  • Class cancelled this week.  What?!
  • Getting lots of work done at the job - such a relief to not feel like you're behind.
I loved how this week went.  It was good one.  A real honest-to-goodness great week!

Here's to another weekend to refuel and be ready for whatever comes next week!

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  1. Woot for class cancelled and for writing to your heart's content! XO Thanks for hosting!


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