TIGF, y'all!

Happy Halloween and all that jazz! Happy TIGF too!
I brought coffee for all of you.  You're welcome...

Almost enough for one morning!
So take a sip. Sit back and relax + let me talk your ear off :)

I am so very grateful for all the love and support I received from yesterday's post.  I want to assure you that I'm okay.  I went through some terrible stuff when I was little, but I am in such a good place now.  I am loved by my beautiful little family, precious friends, and you, my loveys.  It wasn't a hard post to write yesterday, surprisingly...what was hard for me was to click that Publish button.  It took me two hours of going back and forth and then finally hitting that button.  I held my breath.  I hyperventilated a little (a lot).  Then I let it go.  And, oh my goodness, you...you made it all better.  Thank you.

So grateful for my daughter this week.  She turned 11.  ELEVEN!  How did that happen?!  We decorated, at cinnamon rolls for breakfast, had a fabulous dinner, and she got her "heelys".  The shoes I did not want to get her because I would really like it if she didn't fall on her face because of those roller things on her heels.  But I gave in after the peer pressure from the husband.  And she was happy - so, so happy.  And, really, that's all that matters.

And, you know what else I'm grateful for?  Everything.  I am just a happy camper today.  It's Friday.  We're going to Alex Ramon's show tomorrow night! Trick or treating tonight...the kids are so excited! And...well, this space.  This space where I can just be myself.  No filter.  Coffee in hand, spending time with you.  Now that's gratefulness right there!

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