When Nay has a lot of coffee...{TIGF}

Oh yeah, baby! It's Friday!!!! Um, didn't you hear me? IT'S FRIDAY!!!! That's better.

This day is what I am grateful for this week.  I have been waiting for Friday since, well...Monday! 

Friday...it's the most beautiful and blissful word for this working mama.  Only eight hours of work to go and then I'm FREE! Beach plans are in the works for this California Fall Weekend.  Think weather in the 100s around these parts.  Yeah, Mother Nature is funny like that.

Reading two chapters of Economics and loads of homework are also on my plate for the weekend, but I am not letting that shit get me down.  Ain't nobody have time to be negative on a Friday!  Mind you, it's only the morning, so who knows what will in unravel as the day goes on, but this mama gots to keep things on the positive tip.  (Yeah, I've had a lot of coffee already this morning - lol)

OH! I am also grateful for my positively yummy husband.  I've been totally in love with him this week.  What?!  Yeah, I didn't want to strangle him even once in the last seven days.  Miracle, I tell ya.

And another thing, I'm grateful for this week?  My kids coming home from school with jokes.  Lucas has had me rolling this week!  Case in point -

"Mama! Why are police officers stinky?"
"Why, baby?"
"Because they're always on DUTY!"

LMAO!  Maybe he'll be a comedian one day?  Or just like his Daddy...Dudes got jokes on the daily - not always funny, but cheesy enough to give you a giggle.

IT'S FRIDAY!!! Yeah, I'm still excited about it.  Hope you are, too, and that you have an AMAZING day and weekend!  See you on Monday! {kiss kiss hug hug}

Put the coffee down now, Nay.
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  1. Your positivity is contagious :) Happy Friday to you! Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  2. Friday is my second favorite eff word too!


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