Let's hear it for Monday!

Oh Monday...hello.  Let's just breathe in the possibilities of what this day can be for you, okay?

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Remember the awesome weekend you just had and think of all the fabulous experiences you'll have this week.

Monday is always a hard day for a lot of people.  It's the day where responsibilities start again.  The day that reminds you that you are an adult and you really shouldn't sleep in because you have work to do.  You have that job that needs to get done.  You have to cater to everyone's wishes and whims, but then you realize something.

You're awake.
You're alive.

You have an opportunity to start again and show yourself everything you are capable of.  You, my lovey, are in for a treat.  You can make today whatever you want it to be.  You get to have that little moment, that little a-ha moment, that whispers in your ear, "let's do this."

It's Monday. 
The beginning of another week.  Another chance to make this life you've been given just a little sweeter.

Sip on that coffee today.  Go to your favorite blogs and read them (thanks for being here, by the way).  Write up that to-do list that keeps growing and growing.  Knock out those errands and pat yourself on the back for a job well done.  You're doing it.  You're making things happen.  You're showing Monday who's boss.  This week will fly by with all the things you have to do. 

Remember to breathe. 
Remember to pause.
Remember you're doing your best.
Remember that you are enough.

So when that little monster in your head wants to tell you the lies, tell him to eff off.  Tell him you don't have time for his BS.  Tell him to wait...because you're going to show him that his voice isn't the one that matters.

That little sweet voice that's fighting to come through is the one that counts.  That angelical voice that tells you how awesome you are and is so proud of you...that's the one you listen to.  She's telling you that it's Monday.  It's a Monday where you're going to take it baby step by baby step and come out glorious.

Aren't you excited?!  It's Monday.  Let's do this.

Can't wait to hear how awesome your day was.  Let's hear it for Monday!


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